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History 07/02/20 Nicholas kulba: what “thief in law” was awarded the title hero of the Soviet Union

Nikolai F. kulba was born in Siberia at an early age and lived by theft and robbery. 18 years for illegal possession of a firearm he was in prison. A year kulba was released and led a gang involved in armed raids on stalls and retail outlets. In 22 years the offender has been prosecuted and received 10 years imprisonment. In prison the young raider quickly gained credibility and was awarded the title of “thief in law”.

Of felon in red

the Development of criminal careers Kul’by was prevented by the Great Patriotic war. Despite its high status, the prisoner volunteered to the Red army. Nikolai Filippovich was lucky, and he was not in a penal battalion, and the 48th guards rifle division. In the army the “thief” has studied small business and became a sniper in his 146th regiment. Only in the period of fighting from 4 to 24 April 1943, he killed 29 German soldiers and officers. All summer former convict has demonstrated high performance and was the top scorer of the division.

During the August battles for Kharkov Nikolai kulba successfully led a detachment. During the assault the train station, Rogan, the company commander was wounded, and ex-convict took command. Under the leadership of Kul’by the red army drove the Germans out of the station.

in crossing the Dnieper, already Sergeant kulba again commanded a company, and courageous action inspired the whole battalion. He pulled the red army, took them in flank bypass and knocked a group of German machine gunners with strategically important heights. 27 October 1943 during the battle for the farm October he was ordered to destroy machine-gun nest of the enemy. Taking grants kulba crawled to the machine gun. Even though wounded soldier approached the enemy position and threw grenades at the Germans.

Award hero

After the battle the ex-convict ended up in the braveryal, and December 20, 1943 decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR guard Sergeant Nicholas Kolbe was awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union and the order of Lenin and medal “gold Star”. However, the reward never came to him.

His traces were lost in hospitals and confusion added, that in army documents Nikolai F. kulba was recorded under the patronymic Fyodorovich. Perhaps because of this error, signing up to volunteer, a criminal is not in a penal battalion and a regular infantry division.

After the war

the Situation with Coolboy not unique. In conditions of continuing hostilities, awards often did not reach the soldiers and officers. After the victory was an active investigative activity to honor distinguished fighters. Nicholas Kulbu found in 1958. It turned out that, after leaving the army he returned to crime craft.

Since 1947, a war hero served his sentence in camp for robbery and rape. After the war, the authoritative prisoners dressed in military uniform, the rest of the criminals wasn’t fond of. In prisons, the Union began a “bitch war” in which he fought the thieves, sticking to old concepts and convicted, who have been in contact with the authorities.

Despite the danger, kulba was hoping that past achievements will reduce his sentence and acknowledged their awards. July 1, 1959, the thief-recidivist Kulbu Nikolay Filippovich has deprived the title of Hero of the Soviet Union and all the awards. The fate of the former Sergeant of the red army are unknown.

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