Livios is Modular build, and has some of the Lego products. But instead of making blocks to stack, your pre-fabricated modules are made from wood or steel, on or alongside each other. So, if you combine the strengths of wood and steel, with those of a traditional building. The modular construction lends itself to building, or an annex, would like to insert. Not at all, with this type of construction?Bouwsite Liviosmaakt you are familiar with. 1. A dwelling or outbuilding

Modular construction has many applications: it is a woninguitbreiding, as a temporary solution, a mobile outhouse in the yard, and Even with a full house raising is not possible. A compact starter home into a comfortable and spacious home.

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2. Flexibility

One of the advantages of modular construction is its flexibility. Is your home or your outbuilding, only a single module? You can still move it around. Is your home a modular, and if you want to later move it? You can take this into account at the design stage. Looking to expand later on, and may still be. You can have one or more additional modules. Both the width and the height.
3. Prefab

building A house requires patience. If it does, then the masons, not the building. A few streets away is it? It is in the building for several days still. With modular construction, it has no effect on the process. The pre-fabricated modules for a modular home wordenin a workshop gemaaktin in the most ideal of circumstances.

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4. Short cut

The biggest trump card? The modular build up a lot faster than the traditional methods of construction. You can move out and save a few months rent. In just a few weeks, the modules are in the studio getting ready. The installation on site will take only a few days, and because of its construction, has no drying time is required, such as bijtraditionele techniques. The workmanship on site will take only a few weeks. If the utilities are mounted, the property is ready and waiting.

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