Economics, Company, and techinvesteerder they turned in the third quarter, miljardenverlies ago. The company wrote down significantly on its investments in the kantoorverhuurder WeWork and the taxi app Uber. It was the first operational quarterly loss before they turned fourteen years of age.

The operating loss is arrived at 704,4 billion yen, compared to 5.8 billion euros. The investment fund, the Vision Fund was set even with a loss of 970,3 billion yen in the book. The amortization of WeWork alone was already 497,7 billion yen (4.1 billion us dollars).

SoftBank has invested the last year and are already well into WeWork, however, after a cancelled ipo, and this year it was the kantoorverhuurder nearly at an end. The Japanese group of companies received billions of dollars as a part of the business, but as a result, the home also matters a lot here.