Another 31/01/20 “Mazloumi”: the most dangerous profession on the submarine

the So-called minders (“engine-builders”) – one of the most important professions in both the military and civilian ship (“Big Russian dictionary of synonyms” Vitaly neuralgic).

Who are they

According to “Ship Charter of the Navy,” the engineer (motorman, “digitlist”, “mazloum”, “bilge”) is a sailor from Electromechanical fighting part of a submarine (CU-5). According to the memoirs of one who served on the Russian submarine officers (he served a short time, after a civil institution), the contingent of CU-5 – “it “mazloumi,” they’re knee-deep in oil and water, they all bilges, pumps and motors”.

As expressed by this man, “mazloum” – the soldier who, to use prison slang, is able to “throw” that is, quickly respond to sudden problem for a speedy resolution.

operation Mode: forced

According to the official website of the defense Ministry, military occupational specialty energy (power) driver-turbinist submarine requires the soldiers of the presence of at least civil vocational vocational training. Basically the future “mazloum” must “to ensure the operation of vapor(gas)turbine installations, its machinery and operation of the turbines.”

the Fact that “the drivers kept everyone” in the Premier League, clearly and this, in principle, a miser, a General description of their duties in the list of the Ministry of defense. It expressly States that the mode of operation of such specialists forced, monotonous service, but often requires immediate attention. The movement hold is limited to be mostly accounted for in the turbine compartment. The amount of information that you need to keep in mind are enormous. Device vapor(gas)turbine installations and nuances of actions at emergency situations “mazloum” need to know LouCSE than the multiplication table. Specialist, an employee there is not just a good technician, but also mentally, physically seasoned sailor, able to quickly and properly respond in the event of an accident.

How to behave in catastrophes bilge

In the history of Soviet (Russian) submarines were often a disaster with dozens of casualties. And bilge, as the sailors and officers of the CU-5, in these critical situations, to behave heroically, often with their lives rescuing the remaining crew members of submarines.

the author of the book “Disaster water” Nicholas Mormul brought memories of the Navigator of the nuclear submarine “Leninsky Komsomol” (“K-3”) Oleg Pevtsov. In September 1967 on the submarine there was a fire in which 39 people died. In order to emerge to the surface after smoke, bilge, it was necessary to carry out the purge, “blow average”. Bilge opened the valve fully, his mistake had to correct the commander. The commander of the electrotechnical group CU-5 submarine “K-3” Valery Strapinski, according to the author of the essay Yuri Bakharev “the Triumph and tragedy of the submarine K-3”, said that in this disaster the majority of electricians in the nasal compartments was lost.

bilge machinist CU-5 atomic submarine “Komsomolets” watch Nodar first Bonicelli died in the fire when the accident on this submarine. Trying to eliminate the consequences of the accident, fell death of the brave and the technician of the group of remote control part of the battle ensign Vladimir Kolotilin. Kolotilin managed to seal your compartment and localized fire an avalanche. The commander of BCH-5 Valentin Babenko and commanding the division of the movement of the warhead Sergei Manyakin, too, have paid with their lives for saving the submarine and dying sailors.

… are just a few examples of heroic behaviour in emergency of those in the Navy ironically called the “malapuram”. In fact, in a critical situation from these “workers forced mode” depends largely on the life of the crew of the submarine.

Nicholas Syromyatnikov

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