Mathias rust: what happened in the USSR with the most daring pilot offender

Biography 13/02/20 Mathias rust: what happened in the USSR with the most daring pilot of the intruder

This German AC-lover was convicted three times – the first time in the USSR, the other two at home. Things rust wittingly or unwittingly reminded him of himself after his return from imprisonment in the Soviet Union, indicate, to put it mildly, this unbalance of the adventurer.

have Not even served half of the term

Behind the bars of Soviet detention center 18-year-old Amateur pilot from the German city of Wedel came at the end of may 1987, immediately after the arrest it on the red square in Moscow. Some time the rust has overcome in his light “Cessna” more than a thousand kilometers and four borders – Germany, Iceland, Finland and the USSR, show off in front of the cameras of tourists and the KGB, and then took it “under the white hands” Committee members and the police.
Judge Mathias rust after he was three months spent in the detention center – so much lasted the preliminary investigation. The young German was accused of three crimes – kilometer voyage “Cessna” Soviet court considered hooliganism, violation of the rules of air travel and the actual illegal crossing of the state border of the USSR. The sentence was imposed in such a record, unprecedented in the practice of the Soviet justice, cases on the third day after the start of the trial.
After the sentence (4 years of imprisonment) rust is not served in the Soviet and MLS in early August 1988, the hapless pilot pardoned and expelled from the Soviet Union.
it Should be noted that rust compared to the top leadership of the Soviet Army got off easy, a little after sitting behind bars in the relatively prosperous conditions, on all ready – his act deprived the careers of hundreds of Soviet military commanders of various ranks, including the Minister of defence Sergei Sokolov, immediately removed from his post after the flight of rust. ToAK unfortunately, the Germans managed to freely fly over the Soviet border on the Day of the border (may 28).

As he was involved in something in return

As usual, the reckless act of Mathias rust immediately began to acquire a different sort of conspiracy versions and hypotheses. One of them is that the alleged flight of the German pilot-fan was a well planned action of the secret services (Western or even our own, Soviet). Whatever it was, the home of rust met without special reverence. Relations with Pro-Western Germany from the Soviet Union was then not particularly warm and friendly, but to spoil them, and even in such a reckless way, the Germans clearly did not want to.
at First against rust even opened an investigation, taking law on piloting. But then the excitement died down. No legal consequences, except for the ban on aircraft handling, to Mathias rust’s legendary flight, in fact, had not.
But what the boy was forgotten for the press, which was looking for any excuse to talk about rust again. And Mathias did not fail to provide journalists the opportunity – not having stayed in Germany after Soviet prison term and a year and a half, the pilot hijacker was back in jail, this time German.
the marching army of rust did not serve him on his return home he determined to give up military duty in an alternative way – to the hospital as a nurse. There is a fervent young man decided to conquer the nurse, and when she did not respond to his feelings, Mathias stabbed the girl with a knife. In different sources provided data on a 2.5-year or 4-year terms of imprisonment – such was the punishment for the assailant. But informants agree that rust again served only a small portion of the appointed term.
After his release Mathias rust did have traded, traveled the world. Said to have been in Russia, where for three weeks he wanted to meet with Mikhail Gorbachev, but never had a chance. Wrote about the treatment of Mathias rust in Hinduism and marrying a Indian girl.
At the beginning of the two thousandth of rust caught by the hand for shoplifting – a Hindu stole from the Department store cashmere sweater. This case has prompted journalists to remember about the German adventurer. Press once again persistently exaggerated rumors about the inadequacy of this character (this kind of talk began to circulate immediately upon return of the rust from the Soviet Union, and after the attack on nurses only intensified).
… we Know that now Mathias rust plays professional poker and make good money. He said that more sustenance to give teaching yoga and counseling in the field of investment banking. Five years ago, in the quarter-century anniversary of the historic flight, the rust has published his memoirs. Much success they had. In the same year on the screens out of the West documentary about it called “the Kremlin pilot”. Rust invited to the premiere, but he was not at her, without explaining the reasons.

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