Brussels, Wednesday morning at about 4 hours, got the manager Arsam Zohrevand, burglars on the floor, in the Louis-Delhaizewinkel, located at the Quai des Péniches in Brussels, belgium. According to the manager, it is not the first time that he is a burglar of life. “My business is now, ‘the victim ‘ shop’ as they are called.”

this Past Wednesday, was the target of a message from his brother that there was a burglary in the shop. At that time, he called right away to report to the police, who immediately arrived on the scene. “When we arrived, I saw that the thieves in the glass of the front door broken, had to be on the way to allow access to the store. It was a big mess. My drawer was on the floor, check-in, along with some packs of cigarettes. A pure case of vandalism. You shouldn’t have?”

The police told me, according to Arsam, that she’s not much he could do. “I was told that I was in my shop, but it had better be protected,” he said. “The officers initially advised me to wait at the lab, which is only about 10 hours of on-the-spot were able to get. There I sat for six hours and was alone at the shop without a front door.”