Makkaveisky dungeon: how many people there were executed the Cossacks of ataman Semenov

History 11/01/20 Makkaveisky dungeon: how many people there were executed the Cossacks of ataman Semenov

the numbers of victims of the punitive agencies of ataman Semenov in force in 1918 – 1920s, both white and red, modern historians vary significantly – more than 20 times.

Special Manchzhursky squad and his “torture chambers”

the Village Makkaveyevo is a small railway station located on the South-East of Chita district, TRANS-Baikal territory. According to the census of the population of 8-year-old, is home to slightly more than 4 thousand people. Writes Irkutsk historian, candidate of historical Sciences Alexander Romanov, in the Civil war on the territory of Makkaveyevo based Manchzhursky Special squad, formed in the spring of 1918 by ataman Grigory Semyonov.

that’s when it among other divisions were created which later became known as notoriety of the Main military guardhouse, called subsequently “makkaveisky torture chamber”.

What, who and how to kill semenovtsi

Alexander Romanov, providing information on the 5 thousand victims of the military prison (this figure also appears on the memorial, prescribed in s. Makkaveyevo), believes that this statistical information is falsified by Soviet historians: documentary sources such the number of victims of the Semenov terror is not confirmed. According to the documents, the identities of the 190 dead (and white, and red), destroyed in Makkaveisky the guardhouse from 1918 to 1920. Not the fact that they were not there anymore. However, Romanov is convinced that the number of those executed given by Soviet historians, is unreasonably high. The historian recalls that even when Semenov was tried in 1945, he did not present evidence supporting such a number of victims of terror.

the Investigation and courts-martial in sentencing was guided by the decree of the Provisional Siberian government from 3.08.1918 G. “On the definition of sudBi former representatives of the Soviet power in Siberia”. The semenovtsi were executed for treason, desertion, murder and many other crimes. Confirmed that Makkaveisky the brig contained, and was subsequently executed a Siberian representatives of the Soviet government, the red guards and red commanders – they are a priori considered enemies of the state. Soldiers of the White army who have committed serious crimes, were also among those executed.

Anatoly Skrylev, local historian, teacher Makkaveisky high school results in their study of the memories of locals about the atrocities in the “Semyonov dungeon” (the former bath merchant Kitaeveda). The villagers were taken on carts the corpses of the executed, or which were heated in the river Ingoda, or burned in a nearby forest. The bodies of those slain were mutilated – the witnesses noticed that the dead before death cruelly tortured.

According to information provided by Anatoliy Skryleva, prisoners Makkaveisky guardhouse died a horrible death – not only “just” shot or cut pieces, and burned alive, tortured the most subtle ways. Some semenovtsi were murmuring about these executions. Then the traitors, with the corresponding consequences, has already recorded them.

As they honor the memory of these atrocities

In Makkaveisky secondary school has a Museum where one of the exhibits – the layout the same merchant baths, equipped for the bloody brig. Several times to look at the exhibits came Chinese. In 1957 in the place where stood the guardhouse, was erected an obelisk with a star. On this memorable inscription: to quote from the suicide letter of one of the tortured in the Semenov dungeon red commander, quantitative data about 5 thousand executed prisoners at the guardhouse.

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