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Heroes 14/12/19 Moszkowski Captain and brigade commander of Minonline minow: what became the real founder of the Soviet airborne forces

the Commanders of the airborne troops of the USSR (Russian Federation) since their inception has been more than a dozen generals. And at the hearing, except that the names of Vasily Margelov, Yes, Pavel Grachev, Vladimir Shamanov. The name of the founder of Russian airborne troops, many Russians does not know, although the identity and fate of this man, air force Colonel Leonid minowa, deserves wide mention in the history.

the Pilot-initiator

According to the Great Russian encyclopedia, Leonid minow was born in 1898 in Dvinsk (Daugavpils). Was a participant of First world and Civil wars, 20 years of graduated from 3 schools for the training of pilots – 2 Moscow, where he trained pilots observers and fighter pilots and Zaraisk. Minow at that time was one of the most intelligent and enterprising of military pilots of the Soviet Union, so the choice of command of the red army air force, decided in the late 20-ies to form the red Army of independent airborne units, and fell on him by accident.

In his book “a kilometer from the planet Earth” Leonid minow described how it all began. The first knapsack parachute, the ancestor of all modern parachutes were invented Russian by Gleb craftsman Kotelnikova in 1912 (later, in the 1920-ies, Kotelnikov has modernized its development and gave the invention to the Soviet government).

it is Noteworthy that the chief of the air forces of Imperial Russia Grand Duke Alexander Mikhailovich this invention is not endorsed. Moreover, called it harmful, stating publicly that say, now pilots in the air battles will escape at the slightest opportunity, and in General, more expensive machines people lost control of the aircraft will inevitably crash; the aircraft is less than the pilots and they cost money. As in the First world war and until the early 30-ies in the CASR (and worldwide) parachutes were mostly used to rescue pilots shot down an enemy (or defective for other reasons) aircraft.

Leonid minow in the late 20-ies addressed to the then chief of air force Peter Baranov with the initiative of using a parachute for military purposes, for dropping troops and weapons in conditions of combat operations. Initiator sent for internships in the USA, where at that time the Americans were actively developing their parachute rescue service. Minow in America not only got acquainted with the work of the parachutists, but also jumped himself, received a special diploma, and returned home.

bringing ideas to life

In the story of a test pilot Igor Shelest “wing” tells about the first steps of the future of the Soviet troops. First demonstration jump as an instructor at the flight training of the 11th air brigade of the Moscow military district Leonid minow had to commit himself to a personal example to persuade others. Along with Minulym 26 Jul 1930 in Voronezh airfield was jumping and his assistant Jacob Moszkowski. Minnow landed successfully (even stood on his feet), Moszkowski’s not quite (hit on a building under construction, but is not affected). Successful experiments minowa and Moszkowski played a role, soon, the Marines wanted to be dozens of pilots aviation brigade.

the First group of paratroopers jumping and dropping by parachute of arms and ammunition was made on 2 August of the same year, three French heavy bombers “Farman-Goliath” (FG-62). By the way, your first in the USSR to jump Leonid minow also implemented with a “Farman”. Before when jumping with domestic bombers TB-1 paratroopers in flight to get out on the wing, and from the FG-62 jumped through the door.

With two FG-62 parachuted pilots (in total 12 people), another was discharged the service. Minow with Moszkowski also was among the paratroopers.

And jumping, and reset the weapon were successful, the two armed groups of troops quickly gathered together. This day is Schudaetsya the beginning of the creation of the airborne forces of the USSR (RF) – next year will mark the 90 year anniversary of the airborne troops. As the historian airborne Roman Alyokhin, at first they were called the air-landing, and showed its effectiveness already in 1939 in the battle with the Japanese on Khalkhin- – it was a baptism of fire of the airborne troops of the red army.

what was he in For?

a few days before the beginning of the great Patriotic war, where airborne also proven themselves, Leonid minowa was arrested on charges of participating in a counterrevolutionary organization (affected by the presence of his biography on business trips abroad).

Israeli journalist Vladislav Katz in an article for the Russian-speaking American edition of “the Jewish world” wrote that minowa was sentenced to 7 years in the camps and to so many links. Katz quotes the memoirs of comrade Minova camp — Mikhail Grigorovich, who claimed that both of them initially used on the hard General work in the construction of the North-Pechora railway. Then one of the officials of the “Pechengastroy” translated minowa and Grigorovich in the staff of the EMU, which ultimately saved both of their lives.

… the reminiscences of Grigorovich, released from the Gulag in 1946, minow at that time already was on the loose. After his arrest, he was deprived received in 1935 the order of Lenin and the title of air force Colonel (later rehabilitated and returned everything). Writes Great Russian encyclopedia, after the great Patriotic war Leonid minow 50 x 70-e years he headed the Moscow Federation of aviation sports, was involved in many developments in the field of gliding. In 70-m to year he was awarded the title of honored worker of culture of the RSFSR.

he Knew how Leonid minow in 1978 and is buried in Moscow on Kuntsevo cemetery.

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