12.07.2022, Bayern, Würzburg: Das an der Vorderseite geöffnete Festzelt des Kiliani-Volksfestes. Die Stadt Würzburg hat das Abspielen des Ballermann-Hits «Layla» auf dem Kiliani-Volksfest verboten. Hintergrund sei der von Kritikern als sexistisch empfundene Liedtext. (zu dpa «Sexistisch, diskriminierend? Aufregung um Partyhit «Layla») Foto: Karl-Josef Hildenbrand/dpa +++ dpa-Bildfunk +++

After much discussion about “Layla”, which was criticized as sexist, the party song continues to top the singles charts.

DJ Robin and Schürze are leading the ranking for the fourth time in a row, as GfK Entertainment announced on Friday. The song was banned from the Kiliani folk festival there following a decision by the city of Würzburg. The song about a “puff mama” named Layla should not be played in the marquee of the Schützen at the Düsseldorf fair either.

This had led to a debate on the question of whether misogynistic nonsense is also protected by freedom of expression. With an Internet petition, fans had defended the hit, which is one of the Ballermann hits on Mallorca.

The other top spots on the singles charts are occupied by songs that sample the melodies of prominent pop hits. The German rapper Liaze is in second place with the song “Paradise”, the original is by Coldplay. Against K, Sido

The metal band Powerwolf from Saarland is at the top of the album charts. Their work “The Monumental Mass: A Cinematic Metal Event” goes straight to number one.

In second place this week is the German rapper Cro with “Raop”. The reason is an “Anniversary Edition”: The album is celebrating its tenth anniversary this year. Rammstein are in third place with “Zeit”. Behind climb Neil Young