Lala Drozdov: as a lover of Beria became the

History 28/12/19 Lala Drozdov: as a lover of Beria became the “black widow”

we All know that Lavrentiy Beria was a great lover of women. According to rumors, a list of them seduced the ladies in the hundreds. Among them was 16-year-old schoolgirl Valentina Drozdova.

According to assistant Beria Rafael Sarkisov, mistresses, his bosses had a lot. However in the list, which was itself Sarkisov, was only 39 names. A.V. Antonov-Ovseenko in the book “Beria” calls figure 200, from other authors it appears the figure of 700. Most of these women researchers referred to the victims of sexual violence.
However, in order to recognize Beria found guilty of committing the crimes indicated by the decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR “On strengthening of criminal responsibility for rape” was just one name – Lyali Drozdova.

Lala (Valentina) was born in an ordinary Moscow family and grew unremarkable girl. In the same way as her peers due to the war, she skipped two school years. Her familiarity with Beria occurred in may 1949 when 16-year-old girl was finishing 7th grade 92-th Moscow school.
the circumstances of the fateful meeting became known from materials of the criminal case, but rather from the statement of Valentina, which she addressed to the General Prosecutor of the USSR on 11 July 1953 after Beria’s arrest. There, in particular, the girl reported, how on the way to the store she was approached by a “man in pince-nez” and began to closely examine.
And the next day in the house to Lyalya came Sarkisov and began to tell me that his boss is a big man and will be able to help her sick mother. The same evening he brought Valentina with the all-powerful Commissar. “Then Beria grabbed me, took it to his bedroom and raped her. It is difficult to describe my condition after the incident. Three days I was not allowed out of the house, day sitting Sarkisov, night Beria” – we read in the letter, Valentina Drozdova.

During the investigation, Lavrentiy strongly denied that the girl was abused. According to him, the meeting lasted for no more than 30-40 minutes. “I didn’t rape, repeated Beria, but what I did is a heinous crime”.
four years until the arrest of Beria Lala acted as his unwilling mistress. In fact, the Commissar lived for two families. In 1950 they had a daughter Martha, later happened and the second pregnancy, which, according to Lyalina mom, was interrupted in 1952 in the Kremlin hospital.
Alexey Pimanov, writer and Director of the film “Hunting for Beria”, says that there were other versions Dating Beria Drozdova. One of them, allegedly by Beria cohabitation Lalin mother, and then her place was taken by the daughter. According to another, the mother of Valentina Drozdova was the lover of the security guard of Beria, who brought a baby with her boss.

According to historians, to apply the rape of Valentina made her mother, fearing that after the arrest of Beria repression can be exposed, and their family. Because of the existence of this relationship was known to many. Poet Yevgeny Yevtushenko was even able to visit the apartment Lyali Drozdova in her birthday. He hoped to see “live” the Beria, however, the Commissar did not appear. On the landing, according to the poet, for all the guests intently watched the two “plainclothes”.
After the execution of Lavrentiy Beria Valentina Drozdova led a rather secretive life, however, fate played her cruel joke: twice she brought the baby with notorious people who have done the same as the Commissar.
First Valentine’s together with foreign currency speculator Yan Rokotov. He was so well known and in the circle of the “Golden youth” liked to flaunt the fact that he lives with his ex-wife after Stalin, the second person in the country! Though their relationship didn’t work. Roars in recent years has gone on a long spree, waste money left and right. Pdonkey of the arrest of a speculator seized 20 million rubles.
Rumor has it, when Khrushchev found out that under the current legislation Rokotova faces a maximum 8 years in prison, he initiated the amendment of the act. In 1961 rokotoff shot. It is not excluded, what not last role in the decision by Khrushchev played the former mistress of Beria.

Long lamented Lala Drozdov: it was seen in the company of another Wheeler-dealer – “tsehoviki” Ilya Galperin. But this time the happiness was fleeting. Doing underground production and sale of knitwear Halperin sooner or later had to fall under the suspicion of law enforcement.
And not without Lyali. According to one of the colleagues of Halperin on “knit shop” Westerholz Moses, Elijah was crazy about his wife, he spoke only about her. And supposedly for the opportunity to communicate freely with Lala on the phone, Halperin was forced to give a confession, which brought him to the top tier. In 1967, Valentin Drozdov lost his third man.
More about her virtually nothing is known. They say that Lala Drozdova together with writer Boris by Sacavem, perhaps even married him. She died relatively recently, in 2014, survived the Beria for 61 years.

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