Croky-Cup“, I knew this was a process and it would take a while. What we are doing is at odds with the philosophy of the last few years.” Vincent Kompany was relieved to hear, after the qualification of the Croky Cup. The new injury bother him less and less. “I had to give a signal that I, too, am willing to take the risk.”

We’ll have to have it checked out. On the 17th of August it was in the past. After the 4-2 defeat at courtrai (Kortrijk). After the bekerkwalificatie at Beerschot took on Vincent Kompany finally gets the word. “I’m relieved to hear it for the boys”, he said. “We have been in the game to put up a fight. In this competition, it is important for the children to, hopefully, the confidence of this victory.” Afterwards, went about the long process of his injury – “I had to take the risk, and the debut of the Roofe.

See also Verschueren: “it is Not in the Anderlecht, that is, we are expected to, but winning is most important About the process: “I expect this to be as long as went to take a while”

‘ We have a philosophy that is at odds with that of the past few years. How are we expected to continue. Not a trade-off. However, it takes a lot of time and a lot of energy. I did, however, expect that it would be a long time. So here is my peace of mind.”

On his injury: “it Had to be in this match, and the risk-taking,”

“I was able to today, and the guys aren’t up for the lions soon enough. I had to give a signal that I, too, am willing to take a risk in a match, which for us was important. I can take a punch, and I’m not less of it.”

the debut album from the Roofe: “He who has vinnigheid”

“We are pleased that the Roofe of ninety minutes of play. He is looking for are those times in the sixteen meters, but it was 0,0 then press in on him. He didn’t have any preparation.”