Croky the Cup After 24 minutes and went to hand back to the right thigh. Though we dare to believe that the relief of the qualification, the greater was the care for his injury. Vincent Kompany spoke as once again. “Ask each team who they want to be, and we want to play football as it should be with Anderlecht and the best.”

We’ll have to have it checked out. On the 17th of August it was in the past. After the 4-2 defeat at courtrai (Kortrijk). After the bekerkwalificatie at Beerschot took on Vincent Kompany finally gets the word. That it is safe to say that the Red Devil is at the Very. “We knew that in advance. Beerschot have a trainer who is able to put up a fight is. This game basically tells the story of our seizoensbegin,” said Kompany.

“We started well in the competition. We were in the right positions, and our plans that we had prepared worked. But then, we’re caught in the things that we absolutely have to get it.” Kompany used to be the second tegengoal of Beerschot, by way of example. Loris Brogno has taken advantage of the incompetent uitverdedigen to the extensions to the force. “We’ll be able to hit the ball far, far wegkoppen, but for one reason or another, he slips away on a person’s head. The ball is not far enough away, and then we got caught in the back. Boom, goal.”