Khasukha Magomadov: as the last Abrek 37 years fought against the Soviet Union

History 14/02/20 khasukha Magomadov: as the last Abrek 37 years fought against the Soviet Union

y This highland warrior-alone for several decades has been elusive for law enforcement, dreaming to catch him, or at least to kill. He died, as befits the Abrek in battle, when he was 71-th year.

Who are the outlaws?

Caucasian abreki – is the partisans, roughly speaking. Institute of abercastle in the North Caucasus originated in the XIX century on the wave of conquest of this territory by Russia. The outlaws were Lezghians, Ingush, Chechens. Popular at the time Soviet a seven-serial film “the Shore”, filmed at the Studio “Georgia-film” in the novel, Chabua Amirejibi “date Tutashkhia” tells the story of the Georgians-the Abrek (a real character) who championed the poor compatriots and fought against the tyranny of the Royal government in his homeland (the first decade of the twentieth century).

In fact, the Caucasian brigands killed all the authorities of foreigners, who tried to subjugate the highlanders. They own the “coast” is well known to, and adhered: to the fighters for national self-determination was by and large without a difference, to take revenge for the oppression of his people – the tsars or the Soviets. Brigands equally hated and destroyed the representatives of pre-revolutionary and Soviet power. The film “Coast” – no more than one-sided, biased consideration of the subject of Caucasian abreast. However, otherwise on Soviet screens it just would not work out.

khasukha Magomadov – is one of those outlaws that today at home a is treated with great respect.

Who was khasukha Magomadov?

Common representative is quite common for the time poor large Chechen family, born in the mountain village of Shatoi district (1905; according to the information of MIA the CHI ASSR, Khasukha Magomadov, was born in 1907). Eleven children: seven brothers and four sisters (according to others, of children from their parents Hashi was nine). Heshe not destined to get at least basic education madrasah he, according to some information, not graduated. But the inquisitive boy pretty well knew the Qur’an, Arabic and Russian languages, did a lot of self-education. Relatively early, at the age of 19, started his family. To 39 years of age, as historians write, he led an unremarkable life of a villager.

In the 30 years of the twentieth century the North Caucasus began to shake the Great terror. Magomadov, already the father of a family (in total he had five children), kills sworn enemy and goes to prison, from which runs. In fact, from that moment he becomes an Abrek, an official outcast and persecuted by the authorities a criminal.

What’s he ever done?

official statistics acts H. Magomadova (help “About the circumstances of the discovery and destruction of the state criminal Magomadova H.”) are published and widely available, however, it does not provide a clear picture of the life and actions of this Abrek. One thing is clear: from 1939 to March, 1976, for almost 37 years, this is, in fact, illiterate people, constantly on the territory of the USSR and without resorting to any ultra-modern spy above remained elusive for the Soviet secret police.

According to the interior Ministry of the Chechen-Ingush Autonomous Soviet socialist Republic, during all this time khasukha Magomadov personally (not as part of the anti-Soviet gangs) killed more than 30 people, including the chief of the Soviet regional Department of the KGB of the CHI ASSR Lieutenant Colonel G. K. Salko. In General, on his account, according to the certificate, of the order of 200 personal and collective actions, in which killed 33 and wounded 10 party activists, KGB agents and police officers.

his murder

About who these brigands and what was their philosophy of existence, the most lucidly written, perhaps, only the most talented Abkhazian Fasil Iskander. Fazil Abdulovich in the outlined motivation outlaws, explaining why they have a tolerance for the Tips. He told of how the men be deported from Chechebut-Ingush Republic, went into the mountains and for years lived there in the position of outcasts.

So (for decades!) existed khasukha Magomadov, occasionally came there to his family. Highlanders – a people physically strong, healthy, many of them centenarians. Khasukha Magomadov also can rank as such, since his guerrilla life forced years in any weather sleeping almost on the rocks and eating than necessary.

By the spring of 1976 it was already a very sick, exhausted man. He wanted to die, but not surrendering to the authorities. According to one version, khasukha Magomadov had himself dig his own grave in the cemetery, but it passed by his own, the Chechens. To the gorge, where the hidden state criminal, on a tip from a whistleblower pulled units of the KGB, interior Ministry and army troops.

There is a legend that during a RAID on Magomadova night one of the warriors asked him to surrender. And Khasukha in response, seeing in the dark aims shot “at the sound” and killed a volunteer. This version, by the way, indirectly confirms the above statement from the interior Ministry “About the circumstances of the discovery and destruction of the state criminal Magomadova H.”.

Say, to the corpse of Hasuha Magomadov for a long time did not dare to approach, as he feared. Initially it was sent to his relatives, for identification. When Magomadova found a Mosin rifle, lots of ammunition for it, a TT pistol, grenades, binoculars, a dagger. If not for his physical weakness, Khasukha definitely not going to retire, continuing to resist the Soviet power.

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