02.07.2022, Berlin: Ein Teilnehmer hält bei einer Demonstration unter dem Motto „«Wir zahlen nicht für eure Kriege! 100 Milliarden für eine demokratische, zivile und soziale Zeitenwende statt für Aufrüstung» auf dem Bebelplatz eine Flagge mit einem Friedenszeichen. Foto: Christophe Gateau/dpa +++ dpa-Bildfunk +++

As part of a protest by the “Zivile Zeitenwende” alliance, which was declared a “peace demonstration”, there were several attacks on press representatives who were reporting on the event in Berlin-Mitte on Saturday.

According to the police, around 1400 demonstrators had gathered at 2 p.m. on Bebelplatz in Mitte to demonstrate against the increased build-up of the Bundeswehr and for a “democratic, civil and social turning point”. A broad alliance of party youth organizations such as the “Jusos” and the “Linksjugend solid” as well as peace initiatives had called for the meeting.

According to information from the Tagesspiegel, groups that are close to lateral thinking, such as the organization “Freie Linke”, which regularly spreads conspiracy ideologies on its channels, and the micro-party “Die Basis” from the pandemic denial environment, also took part in the assembly. This caused some actors to leave the demonstration in protest.

The anti-fascist Berlin alliance “GiraZapatista” announced via Twitter that right-wing and conspiracy-ideological groups had been addressed on Bebelplatz and asked to leave the demo.

However, even the people on the loudspeaker truck did not agree to expel the relevant group from the demonstration, although one of them was a person who denied the Holocaust, the alliance reports. Only individuals acted against the group, the report said. The actors of “GiraZapatista” then decided to leave the assembly in protest.

The march also passed the Russian embassy on the Unter den Linden boulevard, where a counter-demonstration by pro-Ukrainian activists was announced at the same time. As several press representatives unanimously report, attacks on journalists are said to have taken place here. An attempt is said to have been made to smack a photographer’s smartphone away. In addition, a man is said to have tried to intentionally hit two media representatives with a flagpole. This could be prevented by rushed police forces.

For about half an hour, the “peace demonstrators” are said to have harassed and insulted the pro-Ukrainian counter-demonstrators, calling the participants of the meeting “fascists”, among other things.

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The police initially spoke of a peaceful meeting “without incident” on Saturday. The daily mirror had also reported accordingly and as a result received several tips from readers. On Monday morning, the police corrected their information when asked by the Tagesspiegel.

Accordingly, an ARD press representative is said to have been insulted during the demonstration. A police spokeswoman said the suspect’s personal details had been identified.

A trespassing report was also filed because a participant climbed onto scaffolding at St. Hedwig’s Cathedral. The police press office was not initially aware of any other incidents, also because it is possible that no reports had been filed so far.