Joachim von Ribbentrop: as foreign Minister of the Third Reich was preparing the assassination of Stalin

History 23/02/20 Joachim Ribbentrop: as foreign Minister of the Third Reich was preparing the assassination of Stalin

Often the death of one man change the shape of entire countries. This is not surprising. The role of personality in history is playing a leading role. From the history of the great Patriotic war a lot is known about the assassination attempts on Adolf Hitler, while trying to get over the murder of Stalin historians stubbornly silent. However, in Germany also gave birth to such plans. And by one of the assassination attempts was to become foreign Minister of the Third Reich – Joachim von Ribbentrop.

the Poisoned pen

Met Ribbentrop and Stalin twice. Both times in 1939, during the signing of the Treaty of non-aggression between Germany and the Soviet Union. In this third meeting, Stalin could not survive. Despite the fact that if, during the reception in the Kremlin before the war, in the words of Ribbentrop, he felt surrounded by old friends, as soon as the success in military operations turned against Germany, he completely forgot about his rainbow feelings. In one of his talks with Hitler in mid-1944, according to the memoirs of the head of the political intelligence of the Third Reich by Walter Schellenberg, Ribbentrop proposed to personally kill Stalin. The situation is unique. Yourself in the role of the killer was offered not a mercenary and soldier, and politician, Minister of foreign Affairs of the major European powers. While Ribbentrop was not bluffing. He was well aware that to get into the Kremlin in the midst of war, he will not work under any circumstances. However, it was not necessary. Ribbentrop had planned to lure Stalin at any international conference, and there is a wee gathering of witnesses to kill. The head of the Soviet Union could fire a gun, disguised as an ordinary writing pen. Most interesting is that the plan approved of Bormann and Himmler. About their plans, supported by the country’s leadership, Schellenberg was told by Ribbentrop.

Pipe dream

Pabout plan Ribbentrop Pact to provide him with the gun-the pen was to the office of Schellenberg, and so it was dedicated to all the details of the operation. As the head of political intelligence was one of the most appropriate leaders of the Third Reich, he made this plan unrealistic fantasies Ribbentrop Pact, but aloud to say it did not. In the case of his objections about this immediately became known to Hitler, as the Fuhrer could respond to the refusal of participation in the murder of Stalin, Shellenberg didn’t know. To risk him in this case did not want to. Besides, he knew that the chances of a personal meeting Stalin and Ribbentrop in the reality of 1944 was close to zero. Schellenberg and told Ribbentrop that he first organized the conference with the participation of Stalin, and there he him, if successful, will help. The most interesting thing that Ribbentrop believed in what he said. In the spring of 1944, Goebbels has already sent the Fuehrer a note with a proposal to start peace negotiations with Stalin. His arguments hardly fit into 40 pages of typewritten text. If these negotiations took place, then perhaps the plan Ribbentrop Pact could be implemented in practice. But the Fuehrer did not listen to Goebbels because it was waiting for Stalin to quarrel with their Western allies. Fortunately this did not happen.

Dmitry Sokolov

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