Jacob Tsiperovich: Soviet electrician who is 40 years never gets old and is not sleeping

Another 01/01/20 liveinternet.Yakov Tsiperovich: Soviet electrician who is 40 years never gets old and never sleeps

Since 1979, James Ziperovich never sleeping and hardly changed in appearance. In addition, for 40 years Ziperovich does not know what fatigue. The phenomenon of the Soviet electrician, some films and written many books. The study of extraordinary abilities, Jacob was engaged prominent scientists from around the world. And they managed to find some “deviations” in the body of Ziperovich.

Deadly poison

Before 1979 James Ziperovich led the ordinary life of the ordinary Soviet citizen. Jacob was born and raised in the capital of the Byelorussian SSR. Worked as an ordinary electrician, had a family. But for a few days are left for Ziperovich in the past. And the root cause of this change was a pathological jealousy of the spouse of Jacob. According to Arkady Vyatkin in his book “the Book of secrets. Incredible obvious on Earth and beyond”, one day a woman, suspecting her husband of infidelity, had slipped into his drink cyanide.

as a result, Ziperovich died. For an hour he was in a state of clinical death, which in itself is surprising, since during this time the brain would have to die. However, Jacob did not immediately come back from the dead. According to the book Igor Prokopenko “the Invisible war,” about a week an electrician spent in a coma. The doctors were sure that Ziperovich doesn’t make it, but if it happens, it will remain disabled. But when Jacob Tsiperovich finally woke up, he was surprised not only physicians, but also himself.

the Awakening

Coming out of the coma, Ziperovich no longer recognize his own body. He groped her legs, arms and other body parts, but they all seemed strange to Jacob. However, the strangeness did not end there. The author of the book “100 Great Phenomena”, Nikolai Nepomnyashchy, claims that, upon returning home, Ziperovich realized that can’t sleep. Most interesting is that in sleep the man was a clone, but he could not take a horizontal position. Some unknown force lifted him and seated on the bed. No drugs for insomnia and even tranquilizers Jacob did not help. The most he felt is some lethargy in the body and no more.

Trying to bring themselves to exhaustion and finally sleep, Jacob Tsiperovich began to exercise. One day, according to Nikolai Nepomnyashchy, Jacob wrung from the floor for nine hours. During this time he managed to repeat the exercise 10 thousand times, but maybe fatigue was not felt. In the end, Ziperovich understood that other exit how to accept this state of things he left. Days evolved into weeks, weeks into months, months into years. And the farther, the more Jacob began to realize that it also has another feature: he doesn’t age. Friends of Ziperovich got bald spots and wrinkles, and it remained the same.

Healthy, but with features

it is Clear that Jacob Tsiperovich bothered by his condition, but most of all he wanted to know why he has become such a superhuman. Julia Kirillova writes in his book “Sleep without insomnia. How to sleep and to be fresh every day,” the study of the phenomenon of Tsiperovich was engaged in many famous healers and scholars. The former electrician turned even to Juneau and to academician Alexander Wayne, but no one found the Jacob of any violations. On the contrary, the experts unanimously declared that man is absolutely healthy. Ziperovich even took offense, saying that no one wants to examine him. However, some of the features of the Athena experts still found.

In particular, Igor Prokopenko argues that Ziperovich simultaneously work both hemispheres of the brain, while normally, they should function in turn: day, left, night right. In addition, the temperature of the body of James always kept at around 34 degrees, which, according to Nicholas Nepomniachtchi, possiblebut, and slows down the process of metabolism, as in suspended animation. With Nepomniachtchi and agree Arkady Vyatkin, who cites the example of turtles living for 200 years is also characterized by slow metabolism. Here are just Ziperovich not a turtle. Besides, he did not slow lead an active lifestyle, sports and yoga, and even writes poetry.

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