The World Health Organization (WHO) has created a typical profile of monkeypox patients from statistical data from those affected. As the WHO announced in Geneva on Thursday, these are typically men under the age of 40 who live in Europe and have sexual relations with men.

The countries most affected by the current outbreak are Germany, Great Britain and Spain, each with more than 1000 cases.

With a share of 81.6 percent of the 6027 cases recorded so far, Europe is by far the world region most affected by the current wave of monkeypox. The disease, which usually occurs in Central and West African countries, has been recorded in other parts of the world since May. According to the WHO, around 60 countries have been affected so far.

On June 23, the WHO called an emergency meeting of its experts to discuss declaring an international health emergency. However, they decided that this threshold had not yet been reached.

As the WHO announced on Wednesday, the emergency committee should deal with monkeypox again in the week of July 18 at the latest.