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In Berlin there were more people moving in than out in the past year. Despite renewed corona measures, more than 166,500 people moved to the city in 2021, and almost 150,300 people moved away, as the State Statistical Office announced on Thursday. With an increase of more than 16,200 people, this is a clear gain in migration.

In 2020, for the first time in 20 years, the number of departures exceeded the number of arrivals. According to the State Statistical Office, 3,677,500 people lived in Berlin last year (as of December 31, 2021), around 13,400 more than in the previous year.

In 2021 there was also a birth surplus of around 1460 people in Berlin. In the previous year, this was exactly 1050 people. According to the statisticians, almost 39,170 children were born in 2021, around 480 more than in the previous year.

The decline that has been ongoing since 2017 has thus been stopped. A total of 37,706 people died in 2021, 64 more than the year before. Most deaths were registered in the winter months of January and October to December.

According to the statisticians, the increase in immigration and emigration is due to arrivals from abroad. More than 93,200 people from abroad moved to Berlin and around 67,700 from Berlin abroad.

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Within Germany, the number of people moving to Berlin from other federal states (around 73,300) was below the number of people leaving Berlin (over 82,500).