I was looking for the secret Soviet expedition in Himalayas in 1925

History 21/02/20 you were looking for secret Soviet expedition in Himalayas in 1925

This mythical country, mention of which are found in the ancient texts, over several centuries of searching for many travelers and researchers. Among those who want to find Shambhala were the Bolsheviks. Why those who promoted atheism and complete denial of any supernatural forces, tried to get into this mysterious land?

What is a Shamballa

According to Buddhist teachings, when on Earth there was a country of Shambhala, ruled by a powerful wizard. Fearing enemy invasion and devastation of a great state, the head of Shambhala with magic made his fiefdom invisible. According to the legends of Shambhala, inhabited by tall white people, possessing secret knowledge and magical artifacts.

Some, who believed that mythical country is in another, parallel dimension, believed that in order to get there, you need to work hard on yourself. When people completely master certain techniques, Shambhala itself will stand before him. So argued, and the Dalai Lama. However, most are inclined to think that the cherished territory is located in Tibet.

the Occult Cheka

Few people know that in the early 1920-ies in the KGB established a special Department, which dealt with the occult, magic, and other supernatural and paranormal phenomena. Headed the Department of Gleb Bokii, and oversaw the activities of a secret laboratory he Felix Dzerzhinsky. Officially, the Department was engaged in developing codes and design of various equipment for conducting intelligence operations. However, in addition, the staff studied the peculiarities of the human brain, telepathy and methods of influence on the masses.

a specialist in the history of the security services, Valeriy malevany States that “they (Boki and other staff) wanted Tibet to find ancient technology, nanotechnology, which allegedly byli here on Earth”. The speech, certainly, goes about Shambhala. As for the connection of two seemingly different concepts of “occult” and “communism”, then this is very clearly expressed academician Vladimir Polevanov: “the Communist ideology is practically a religious movement. And the two mainstream religions can’t be!” According to one version, it was to strengthen the position of the new government in 1925 in search of Shambhala and moved the expedition, headed by Yakov blyumkin.

the Expedition to Shambhala

the Official purpose of the expedition was stated as an aid to the Tibetans in the fight against the British imperialists. Yakov blyumkin had mastered several languages, and managed to impersonate a Mongolian Lama and to ingratiate himself to the Tibetan elders.

apparently, members of the expedition Shambhala was never found. However, blumkin returned not with empty hands. Despite the fact that most of the documents about this campaign is still classified, some historians believe that Yakov blyumkin has collected numerous legends, tales and other information about Shambhala, and also found some ancient artifacts. Historian and writer Nikolay Subbotin said that blumkin wrote a report that described a device called “vajra”, throwing fire arrows.

However, some historians believe that the expedition to Tibet was only a fiction, to divert the attention of other countries from interfering in the Affairs of the young Republic. Anyway, the life of the head of the expedition Yakov Bliumkin was tragic. He was accused of espionage and shot in 1929.

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