Video of the just introduced Level 30 and a Level 30 Pro, to put the Chinese brand, Huawei on the smartphonestrijd to diligently on. During the performance of the aircraft in Munich, fell more than one penalty, novelties, and to sign it. The question that is on everyone’s lips are burning – some of the apps and services of Google? there we were again, no answer.

Munich-that enabled the Chinese manufacturer today, the new vlaggenschiptelefoon for Huawei ascend Mate in 30, to an improved and therefore also more expensive-an upgrade to the earlier this year, gelanceerdeP30. That is the same as in the previous year, with a deMate 20and deP20. Huawei follows it, just as the big rival, Samsung, in a double cadence: in the spring, to launch their new product for the general public, it is intended, and somewhere near the end of the summer is the luxury company’s flagship.

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Very strong specifications

in Terms of luxury, this also really does count. To begin with, there is the display, which is an arc vanbijna by 90 degrees around the device, with a resolution of up to 2400 on-1176 pixel, and an oled display (oled stands for organic light-emitting diodes, organic particles, that is, the interplay of colors on the screen to reinforce it, editor’s note).

all The edges of the screen are touch-sensitive and replaces the traditional buttons on the side. The battery pack has a capacity up to 4500 milliamperes, for comparison, the iPhone 11, Pro Max has a rechargeable battery with a capacity of 3.969 type. In short: excellent, good, and quick to load. And then there’s also the Huawei self-developed Kirin 990-processor system, that is, at least according to Richard Yu, Huawei’s director of consumer products – is much more powerful than the chips in with Apple, and Samsungtoestellen.

The issue is that Google is

All well and good, but what everyone wanted to know: will the new devices, or even apps and services that Google will accept? The company had, on the orders of the Us government’s links with Huawei, nokia.EMUI 10, in the particular ‘skin’ of a Smartphone based on an open version of Android, it will have a certain degree of continuity of supply for existing Android users to get to the new Level of 30, or at the same time announced, in an Extent Of 30 Pro and want to switch to it.

But whether or not a certain Googlediensten, which you can find on other android smartphones such as the Google Play Store (Google’s digital store, so we are expected to be available, and there was not a word about the incident. Or, perhaps he is, but slightly cryptic, and the destruction vanWalter (Ji), the European managing director of Huawei’s Consumer Products division. That is stated in the pre-briefing: “Technology is only valuable if they can add value to someone’s life. Therefore, we believe in open collaboration.” You had, in the course of the presentation about “further investment”. Good listener, understand that they are both in the dialogue and, if so, that’s all, no relief has been working on their own operating system. The question that remains is: what do you want it as a die-hard Androidgebruiker that you want to switch to the new system.

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Some take

To go back to the link on the specs though. Its a spectacular camera, for example. Or the camera, because there are only a liefstvier camera on the back of the Level to 30. Unlike the predecessor, P30, where the cameras are used in a damborddesign been presented to put Huawei ascend in the Level 30 and Level 30 And the Pro behind using a ring-shaped glass plate. So, it seems as if the unit is a single lens, but in reality, it’s going to be eenbreedhoeklens, a lens for the event-thought-out ‘SuperSensing’-image, a zoom and a macro lens and a twin lens, laserfocus, so that the depth of the image to be recorded. Behind it there is a sensor that is larger than that of the deiPhone 11en the samsung Galaxy S10+. In the video, he can output 4k images to shoot up to 60 frames-per-second.

“We had to design a smartphone, and remember,” said Yu, a not so subtle sneer at the iPhone as 11, which at its launch two weeks ago, is widely geridiculiseerd, due to the position of the three photo lenses at the end.

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