How Ukrainians lived in the Soviet Union

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the First car of Vladimir Putin, was “Zaporozhets”, which he won in the lottery DOSAAF. It is possible that in those same years he shaved with a razor “Kharkiv” and the order is induced with a vacuum cleaner “Rocket”. All this was done in the USSR.


In the Soviet Union, it was decided to compare all the economic indicators with the level of 1913. By 1940, the Ukrainian industry has grown compared to the level of 1913 in 7,3 times and amounted to 18 % of all-Union, production of heavy industry increased more than in 10 times. It should be noted that 92 % of Ukrainian products were received on the capacities created in the Soviet years.
back in the pre-war period Ukraine has become a powerful industrial Republic with a diversified industry.
During the war a large part of this capacity has been lost. Ukraine was destroyed about 28 thousand villages and 714 cities 16150 industrial enterprises. Damage to the USSR amounted to 285 billion rubles in the old basis.

However, the postwar growth was ahead of the pre-war level. By 1958, the Ukraine bypassed all the countries of Europe for smelting iron, and the production of its per capita ahead of all capitalist countries, including the United States in 1957.

Powerful development received in the USSR energy. During the years of Soviet power was built more than ten nuclear power plants and hydroelectric power plants. By 1984, the Ukraine accounted for more than 17.2% of the country’s total electricity production.

According to the former Minister of Finance of Ukraine, Igor Mitiukov, the economy of the USSR was one of the most powerful centers in the Soviet Union. Here large volume of production of ferrous metallurgy, chemical industry, machinery. Grew power generation, a significant role was played by agricultural sector, including exports of agricultural products.

“big-Eared” and “Verkhovyna”

in the Ukraine in 1965 fulfilled a dream of the Soviet man of the present “people’s car”. Here there was “Zaporozhets”.

For its Foundation it was decided to take the Fiat 600, but “hunchback” was not a blind copy of the Italian minicar. Many components have undergone significant changes. The ZAZ 965 has justified his mission, he starred in the films “Three plus two”, “gas station Queen” and many others.
he even Appeared in the cartoon “Well, pogodi” and “Holidays in Prostokvashino”.
Ukrainian car industry, after experimenting on the “humpbacked” “Zaporozhets” in the years of Brezhnev’s reign, has released a new model, almost full, but very compact sedan, the exterior is similar to the Chevrolet Corvair.

“SUPROTEC” was the cheapest car in the USSR and were even shipped abroad. However, with improved equipment and called JALTA.

a Distinctive feature of the car were large air inlets, which the people immediately called the ears, for them the ZAZ 966, and he got this nickname. In later models ears were cropped, but the nickname remained. “Eared” was the first car of Vladimir Putin, the 19-year-old law student won his first car in the lottery DOSAAF.

If family people in the USSR dreamed of a private car, even “Zaporozhets”, a youth on a moped. The most iconic mopeds were “Karpaty” and “Verkhovyna”. They were issued at Lviv factory. “Karpaty” produced since 1981, and the first models moped “Verhovina-3” went on sale in 1958.


Ukraine in the years of the Soviet Union was a real factory of popular brands. Here was founded the first Soviet small-format camera, popular among connoisseurs of photography and today is the fed. It was produced in Kharkov, 1934.

In every fifth Soviet house stood Dnipropetrovsk TV’s “Spring” and “Spring M”, which was considered the top product in stores electrical engineering. Produced in Dnepropetrovsk and popular among the citizens of the USSR vacuum cleaner Raketa. They appeared on countersKah in 1956. In the 80-ies, the factory produced three models of vacuum cleaners, in the amount of up to one million pieces per year.

In the USSR povilsya and the first in the USSR a food processor “Mriya”. It was a real miracle machine, standing even in the homes of the party elite.
the Most significant drawback was the noise. She was buzzing like a tractor.
But sweetly sang of cassette and reel-to-reel tape recorders, “Spring”, produced in Zaporozhye and Kiev plants since 1963. They were truly iconic.

Before the market is flooded with Chinese electronics, Soviet engineers did the calculations on the calculator, produced at the Kiev factory “the Crystal” (B3-34, MK-54, MK-56, MK-61, MK-52). It was a modern computers with multiple memory registers and multiple functions. Calculator MK-52 had memory on 512 cells, which was not erased even when power is turned off and which can be written as a program and data.

the Most popular razor in the USSR shaver “Kharkiv”, which was considered the best gift for men on any occasion. To make them began in 1956. Men even used to collect different models of razors. In the best of times, Kharkiv was released to a million razors a year.


the Ukrainian athletes were the real stars of world sport. A native of Kherson gymnast Larisa Latynina until 2012 held the record for number of Olympic medals: 9 gold, 5 silver and 4 bronze medals. At her first Olympic games in Melbourne (1956), she won 4 gold, one silver and one bronze. In 1957 the European Championship triumph Latynina won a whole set of gold medals.
football — Kyiv Dynamo team — 13-time champion of USSR, twice winner of the Cup winners of the domestic cups and the winner of the UEFA super Cup.
the Players of Kiev “Dynamo” Oleg Blokhin and Igor Belanov received Golden ball and footballer of the Dnepropetrovsk “Dnepr” Oleg Protasov in 1986 won the “Silver boothSy”, losing the championship among football scorers only galadza legendary Brand van Basten.

Finally, the Ukrainian pole vaulter Sergey Bubka during his career has set 35 world records, has won multiple world series Grand Prix, six times world champion, once an Olympic champion of Seoul.


Best “shabashniki” in the USSR was considered a Hutsul from Western Ukraine — experienced and non-drinker. In General, the Ukrainians were in the Soviet Union are the most migratory of the inhabitants of the Soviet Union.

In Ukraine, traveled from all parts of the Union to rest and restore health resorts of the Carpathians, in the Sunny Crimea and Odessa, to the resorts of the Azov sea on the Shatsky lakes.

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