How to protect yourself from the virus at home and in the office: the CPS recommended recyclers

the Pandemic touched and continues to deprive their traditional way of life. Is there a way to protect themselves, their customers, and also household? For the disinfection of air have been increasingly used reflectors-recyclers. Devices actively acquire not only health organizations, but also preschool and educational institutions, shops, beauty salons, etc. Many of them are already used in offices and even at home.

it is Important to note that there is a decree of the Federal CPS with recommendations to use the recyclers to prevent COVID-19. Among a series of activities for beauty salons and hairdressers, laundries and dry cleaners, tailors, businesses, maintenance of cars and food stores are required “disinfection of indoor air by the use of bactericidal irradiators-recirculators allowed to operate in the presence of people, in accordance with the passport for the appropriate equipment”.

What is this device good for? It effectively cleans the air of viruses and bacteria with UV rays, pumping it inside the closed shell. Unlike irradiators of open type such recyclers have a body, so they can be used in the presence of people and animals.

Quiet operation with noise levels 30 to 40 dB.Can be used indoors in the presence of people and animals.
the Economical, low power consumption.
quality control of each device, components brands Philips, LightBest, Feron, inHome.

the Recirculator is a useful acquisition because even when quarantine measures COVID-19 will be cancelled, the device will help you avoid infection and other viruses and bacteria.

the company “ASKO-MED” now there are two kinds of recyclers:

• STAN 115 power 15 watts — for rooms up to 30 m3, price of 11 500 roubles;

• STAN 155 power 55 watts — indoor 80 m3, price 14 900 rubles.

Devices can be attached to the wall, and a special stand (sold separately, price 1 600 rubles).

How to buy?

For individuals: it is possible to deliver to the door, any payment options, manufacturer’s warranty: 12 months, just call: +7-800-555-84-09.

For legal entities: full package of documents, the supply agreement, the price with VAT, warranty: 12 months phone +7 (383) 383-09-52.


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