The point of sale system at a car wash should account for all of the services that are available to customers. Whether you need a simple system that is capable of accepting all major payment methods or more advanced support for daily operations, merchant solutions specialists can recommend the right POS system for car wash. Make sure that any system that you are considering provides the features and functionality necessary for more accurate billing and faster checkout. The following measures are helpful for choosing a POS system that can make any car wash more efficient and profitable.

Compare Popular POS Systems

Some of the most popular payment systems that are currently in use at car washes include Clover, Revel and SpringBoard. The new Clover system stands out as one of the most versatile options with customizable hardware and software. A Clover 2 can handle a wide variety of services while making it easy for employees to create and adjust work orders. The full-service Register software plan adds inventory management and customer feedback features to the core system. This advanced system can also support rewards or loyalty programs.

Simplify Sales and Transactions

The methods of payment accepted at a car wash can be a decisive factor for customers. The ability to accept payments from any card in addition to contactless payments may cause a customer to choose your business over a competitor. One of the major selling points of Clover is that all systems come ready to accept cards with chips or magnetic stripes as well as near field communication payments. The Clover 2 system with Station hardware has everything you need to replace a cash register or terminal, including a receipt printer.

Transaction rates on the Clover Network are tied to the system software plan. The Register plan has a higher monthly fee for more robust services with lower in-person transaction rates. The Register Lite plan costs about half as much and has fewer operational functions with a slightly higher in-person transaction fee. The right combination of hardware and software for your business depends on the number of services or items for sale and available options. No matter which POS system you choose, it is crucial that the hardware and software work together to simplify operations.

Make a POS System Work For You

In addition to processing payments and tracking sales data, POS systems can provide many operational functions. Consider whether you want to use one system for processing payments, scheduling employee shifts or managing inventory. Any system should make it easier to keep detailed transaction records. Clover systems are cloud-based, which makes it possible for you to check sales data anywhere at any time from any computer or device connected to the internet.

Any car wash can benefit from the ability to accept many forms of payment. Other POS features can be helpful for facilitating daily operations and eliminating the need for additional systems. Many car wash owners prefer Clover because of the compatibility of these systems with numerous third-party applications and integrations for scheduling services and streamlining operations.