Here are the hot topics that marked the week.

On March 28, the federal government unveiled its budget for the year 2023. What should we take away?

The man suspected of killing police officer Maureen Breau during a trivial operation on Monday evening in Louiseville, Mauricie, had a criminal and mental health history and posed “a significant risk” to public safety, which did not prevent him from being released under severe conditions.

Creation of a new state corporation, merger of collective agreements, addition of local managers and obligations for medical specialists. The reform of the Minister of Health, Christian Dubé, casts a wide net and reviews the governance of the network from top to bottom.

ChatGPT-4 was the spark. Convinced that these chatbots can pose “serious risks to society and humanity”, more than a thousand well-known personalities and artificial intelligence experts, including Yoshua Bengio and Elon Musk, ask for a six-day break months in research. Their goal: to ensure that the development of this technology is overseen and conducted for the good of society.

The police revealed on Tuesday that the author of a massacre that killed six people in a Christian school in Nashville had seven firearms and was being followed for psychiatric problems, a cocktail at the heart of many dramas in the United States.