ARCHIV - 13.09.2018, USA, Washington: Jeff Bezos, Gründer und CEO von Amazon, spricht im Economic Club of Washington auf der Milestone Celebration. (zu dpa "All-Trip für Branson und Bezos: Hebt der Weltraum-Tourismus ab?") Foto: Cliff Owen/AP/dpa +++ dpa-Bildfunk +++

US billionaire Jeff Bezos wanted to have a historic bridge in Rotterdam dismantled so that he could sail the open sea with his luxury yacht. She blocked the ship’s way. But nothing comes of the plan.

Shipbuilder Oceanco has informed the authorities that after violent reactions and threats, it will not apply for partial dismantling of the Koningshavenbrug, a spokesman for the Dutch port city told the German Press Agency on Tuesday and confirmed corresponding media reports.

The plan had outraged the people of Rotterdam: the almost 100-year-old bridge was to make way for the luxury yacht. There were calls on social media to greet the ship with rotten eggs.

Now the daily newspaper “Trouw” reported that the shipbuilder feared vandalism and had therefore called off the campaign. The company, which specializes in the construction of luxury ships, did not initially respond to inquiries. It is unclear how – and how far completed – the ship should now reach the open sea.

The Amazon founder’s sailing yacht should be completed this summer and towed out to sea. But the 46 meter high bridge with the popular name “De Hef” got in the way.

Therefore, the movable center piece should be dismantled and restored after the passage. The three-master is currently being built at a shipyard near Rotterdam and is estimated to cost around 430 million euros.