Heinz Mueller: as a pilot-defector Hitler became a Soviet spy

Another 05/02/20 Heinz Mueller: as a pilot-defector Hitler became a Soviet saboteur

Special value for the Soviet secret police during the great Patriotic war were ideological anti-fascists who had fled from the armed forces of the enemy. One of them was Aviator Heinz müller flew to the Soviet side, and later helped the red Army to take Berlin.

the Mueller Biography

Born in Braunschweig Heinz müller from the point of view of the Gestapo was considered a “non-transparent German”. The actions of the young man talked about the fact that trust him, the Nazis can’t. Mueller was hereditary workers, and in 1931 he joined the Union of socialist youth. Along with other socialists, he opposed the fascism in Saarland, subsequently repeatedly arrested. During the Second world war Muller as an enemy of the regime, spent two years in Dachau concentration camp, where his “reeducation.” After the liberation, the socialist, probably would have remained in the civilian world, if not disastrous for the Wehrmacht consequences of the campaign of 1943. The winter to compensate for the loss exceptionally trustworthy Aryans became impossible. Therefore, the command began to call the front outright opposition, hoping that at least some of them will be fair to fight – if not for the Fuhrer, from Patriotic reasons. So 28-year-old Heinz Muller became a non-commissioned officer of the Luftwaffe. According to some sources, he served in the 1st military transport air squadron pilot, on the other – the flight engineer.

Flights to the Russian

In early 1944, the German transport infantry moved from Odessa to Crimea, which the Germans desperately tried to defend. Fly had great risk. Between pilots called these soldiers to be suicide bombers.

Once, Mueller suggested to the other members of the crew of the “Junkers” – Reisio, Ritter and Petau – fly on the Russian side. Oddly enough, they agreed. For example, the Berliner Franz Peta was angry at Hitler because he, promising to conquer the world, failed to save from destruction the capital of the Reich. There is also a version that some of the crew resisted the adventure, but they “convinced” the barrel of a gun.

In summary “of the Soviet information Bureau”, dated 29 January 1944, the event looked quite casually. “In the Melitopol district on our territory landed quite serviceable German transport aircraft. The crew of four people surrendered”.

However, in reality pilots of the Luftwaffe defectors from the red Army were few. It’s safe to say that much less than Stalin’s falcons, to fly over to the Germans. So on Heinz Muller and his colleagues drew the most attention.

Saboteur, Demoman

after Reading a biography of Muller, secret service decided that a more “ideological” fascist they did not find. Therefore, a non-commissioned officer was soon recruited.

in the Autumn of 1944, müller was transferred to Germany as a saboteur. Along with partner Paul Lamp he’s got a few bombs. To apply them followed in its sole discretion. Originally it was planned to blow up the headquarters of the district of Dahlem. But this operation failed after the Berlin motorway Mueller and the Lamp, trying to get the car that killed three SS men. Some time, the saboteurs were forced to escape their capture, the authorities offered a million marks.

Meanwhile, to Berlin came close to Russian, and Mueller decided to destroy something more substantial to damage the defense of the city. This object became an artillery warehouse on Promenade Avenue.

“the officer Using his form, Muller broke into the warehouse (he was helped by four underground), and laid an explosive device there… the Enormous power of the explosion coincided with another bombardment of the city. The Germans decided that the warehouse explosion occurred from detonation or a direct hit by bombs,” says writer and documentarian Theodore Gladkov in the book “Secrets of the special services of the III Reich. “Food for thought”.

Another charge Mueller left to undermine warehouses with bazookas. The war ended for the saboteur on 25 April 1945, when he was in the Soviet headquarters to report on the work done.

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