Deinze are In the day to day life, it is He, The Clerk, a diligent student of humanities and social sciences, but even in the worstelring turns to the sixteen-year-old Deinzenaar at the home of Josh Perry, a fierce wrestler, who, by reason of an injury for the past couple of months, especially with the ring and enters as the referee’s whistle. On Saturday the 21st of september is the flute, He is a ” home in the VTI, which is the Torhoutse Cobra Wrestling Association, which is one of the best teams in the country, with a live worstelspektakel the family. “There might be blood shed, yes.”

all of us have all of that, Hulk Hogan is heard. Thanks to the goal of the game – meanwhile, a retired wrestler, tv personality, live wrestling is a popular sport in the United States of america, and through the television stations to Six, we can here, too, the matches of the World Wrestling Entertainment’s (WWE) Raw and follow. But in our country, we have created our own wrestlers, and worstelscholen. For example, the Cobra Wrestling Association in Torhout, Kurt Clauw, where you can also Deinzenaar He, The Clerk, meanwhile, already has three years of training. The father of Peter The Clerk and is available in all of the years as secretary.

Born entertainer

“I’m for the first time in pro-wrestling are heard in the tv coverage of the Cups of the XL,” says He. “To that end, I put all of karate and kung fu, but it did not feel real. With a struggle, I did my thing, found it. For the avoidance of doubt, it is not going to be in the Greco-Roman wrestling, but the American pro-wrestling or catch. Here are all of the combat skills are allowed, the traditional wrestling, to martial arts, and the showgehalte, it is at least as important as the martial arts. Each fighter has a shownaam, and will play a character created in the ring, and it is very important that the public knows how to play it. The general public is mainly to have fun, and to do so you have to be a born entertainer to be. If you are good you can wrestle, you’re not a good catcher. That’s the great thing about this sport is that whether you are an Adonis who likes to be with people, throws out, or rather, acrobatic catches, it’s all up to you.”