Have the opportunity to talk on the phone for several days, even if the battery

the Phone suddenly sat down, did you get home, turn on charging, and there… dozens of missed calls and messages that fell through the meeting, mom is drinking Valerian, and the second half announces the breakup. In General, the situation of plus or minus familiar to everyone.

Today, to remain without communication is like to fall out of real life, so it is popular gadgets that allow you to charge your phone even in the woods. What a wonderful invention? Let’s learn it together.

will Fit even in your pocket

External battery, or powerbank is a small device with a wire, to which you can connect your phone or other electronics for recharging where there is no outlet. Vneshnik indispensable in trips into nature or the country, traveling, or in everyday life as a safety net.

Advantages of vneshnik:

compactness. Powerbank are different in size and design, but any of them will not take much space in your bag or backpack, and the smallest would fit in the pocket;
ease of use. Off — here and all simple functions of the most external batteries. Some have a flashlight, and comes with the cable for charging.
capacity. Here the choice is yours: from 2200 to 13 200 mA•h. Battery with a maximum capacity enough to average four to five charges of a modern smartphone.

Powerbank from 199 rubles

Hypermarket accessories for mobile devices Hello! offers, perhaps, one of the biggest selections of external batteries in Novosibirsk. In the presence of more than 460 battery options ACTIV, HOCO, Rockbox, Defender, Proda, YSBAO, Remax and others. Prices start from 199 rubles.

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