ARCHIV - 27.06.2019, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Lärz: Festivalbesucher tanzen an der Turmbühne auf dem Gelände des Fusion-Festival 2019. Nach zwei Jahren kehrt das Fusion-Festival in alter Form zurück auf den früheren Militärflugplatz in Lärz (zu dpa «Fusion-Festival wieder in alter Größe - 70 000 Gäste erwartet») Foto: Christian Charisius/dpa +++ dpa-Bildfunk +++

Few traffic jams, full trains to and from Berlin and a number of drug-related offences: This is how the federal and state police reported the first alternative fusion festival since the Corona pandemic.

As a police spokeswoman said on Wednesday, from June 29 to July 4, a total of 75,000 people came to the Kulturkosmos association’s music and theater festival at the former military airfield in Lärz (Mecklenburg Lake District). Around 500 police officers were on duty.

During checks, 56 drivers were found who were probably driving vehicles under the influence of drugs, and 80 criminal charges were filed for illegal drug possession of a number of substances. The spokeswoman called the seizure of two suspected drug dealers, from whom a large number of types of drugs, including 8,200 so-called LSD trips, were confiscated, “outstanding”.

The 31- and 32-year-old suspects were taken into custody. The street value of these drugs is in the six figures.

Four thefts, one dangerous bodily injury and damage to property were reported to the police station directly at the festival site. The police are also investigating suspected violations of the intimate area through image recordings. There had already been a similar case of illegal picture taking in a shower in Lärz.

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With a series of special and relief trains, Deutsche Bahn was able to relieve the situation that normal trains were very full because of the nine-euro ticket. According to the police, Fusion visitors had to wait a maximum of one hour at the station forecourt and on the platforms in Neustrelitz, even at peak times.