Stekene, belgium – ’t Frietkaffee in Stekene, belgium is launching on the occasion of the avondfeestmarkt a new eetuitdaging. The Wheel of Stekene, belgium is a huge sandwich filled with frituurvlees. Those who have this snack is more than a half a kilogram within a twenty-minute time to work, with a chance to win a prize.

Frituuruitbater a Female Marin is it with this stunt is not to his advantage. Last year, he launched the ‘Blade, Stekene, belgium, a monstrous creation made of 2.5 kg of meat and 250 grams of French fries. “But since no one has been able to get to it, I’ve now compiled that will, however, be feasible,” laughs Robby.

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The friturist wanted to avondfeestmarkt last year’s original, out of the corner and took the inspiration from a fellow from the Valley. That took a couple of years ago when the national news with the ‘Tower of Balen’, a monsterburger, with twenty pieces of meat. With the Blade of Stekene, belgium was a Female, even better. It’s almost daunting tower of 2-Bicky Royals, 2 common Bicky’s, 2 Bicky Cheese, 2 chickenburgers, 2 bickyribs, 2 bicky friks, 2 bouletten, 2 viandellen 1-curry was made with 250 grams of French fries with a sauce of your choice. “There’s been a lot of comment to come”, says a Female’s back. “There could be up to four people can take part. They came from all corners of the country, but there is no one in the command is not successful. Two young boys from Brussels came the closest, but even they were eventually beaten.”


Be a new creation, the Wheel of Stekene, belgium is on the other hand, however, is an option. “It’s a bun filled with boulet, a viandel and five chicken nuggets. The idea is that a person alone to eat, and it must be done within twenty minutes. The sandwich weighs in at 250 grams and about 300 grams of meat in between. There is a lot of preparation has gone into this operation. The sandwich was big enough, but it is also easy to digest continue to be, such as when a Bicky Burger. I am, therefore, going to ask at the Bakery, the Site of De Klinge. We have long been friends, and he was ready and willing to help. He made the perfect sandwich, with a diameter of 18 inches.”