Georg Michael von Mehrenberg: as a cousin of Nicholas II fought for Hitler

History 09/01/20 Georg Michael von Mehrenberg: as a cousin of Nicholas II fought for Hitler

Classics of Russian literature of the XIX century, Alexander Pushkin and Leo Tolstoy, was a Russian patriots, Christians and humanists. Hardly anyone of them could have imagined that their descendants would be up in arms to defend the brutal regime unleashed a war against their homeland.

the great-Grandson of Pushkin

“the sun of Russian poetry”, Alexander Pushkin had four children. His youngest daughter Natalia in a second marriage linked his fate with the representative of one of the ruling German dynasties — Nikolai Wilhelm of Nassau. This branch of Pushkin’s descendants, who bore the name of the counts von Mehrenberg, before world war II, was best known for claims to the throne of the Duchy of Luxembourg. Grandson of Pushkin, George Nicholas von Mehrenberg, participated in the First world war on the German side, however, asked not to send him to the Eastern front. Otherwise did his son — the great-grandson of the great poet — George-Michael Alexander background of Mehrenberg.

In the George-Michael Russian blood was even more than German — his mother was the daughter of Emperor Alexander II, her Highness Princess Olga Yur. Thus, the younger count von Mehrenberg was the cousin of the last Russian Tsar, Nicholas II. Unlike his father, George Michael had a good command of the Russian language. Before the revolution he visited his mother in Russia, rest in Yalta. However, the aristocracy remained a citizen of Germany and left the country after coming to power of the Nazis.

In may 1941, the 44-year-old officer was drafted into the army of the Third Reich, and soon after the Great Patriotic war. George Michael was in the Luftwaffe, but not in the regiment, and in the ground unit. He was sent to occupied Belarus, where a descendant of Pushkin was wounded in combat with the guerrillas.

To honor count von Merenberg it should be noted that he was not a Nazi and even fought with Rrasprostraneniem the party’s ideology in the army. The study’s author, “Descendants of the great tree”, Vladimir Polushin, writes that George Michael fell twice court-martialed. The first time it was that he refused to act as fascists. And the second time for desecration of the emblem of the Nazi party. Major penalties major, apparently, did not, however promoted much slower than any other German with similar military experience and background. Earl stood up for three pilots who were threatened with execution just because they were complaining about the cold and told jokes about the Fuhrer and Mussolini.

the Conversation with the Holy

In 1944, von Merenberg was sent to serve as the commandant of the occupied Greek island of Paros. The island was under the control of the Luftwaffe, as there was built a military airfield. Georg Michael left a good memory among the Greeks. The fact that 125 people of Paros had to be shot as hostages for the assistance of local partisans, a British saboteur Anders Lassen. However, the count of Mehrenberg canceled the order to shoot after a conversation with the Abbot of the Orthodox monastery Longovarda elder Philotheus (Zervakos).

to convince the descendant of Pushkin, the Abbot Philotheos suggested and shot him together with the hostages. For George-Michael is threatened by another Tribunal, but he lost. Instead, the major demanded that none of the islanders made no more hostile actions against the invaders.

Through the influence of Abbot Philotheus clashes across the island was no more. 67-year-old Graf von Mehrenberg died in 1965 in West German Mainz.

the Grandson of Tolstoy

On the service side of the Nazis one of the grandchildren of Leo Tolstoy much less is known. Father Ivan Mikhailovich Tolstoy was Mikhail Tolstoy — the tenth child of the great Russian novelist. Born in 1901 Ivan Mikhailovich lived in exile in France.

Like many other Russian nobles, he was a staunch opponent of the Soviet system. So when the German occupiers in franction has announced a set of “Legion of French volunteers against Bolshevism”, Ivan came into him. However, according to historian Oleg Beida, grandson of Tolstoy deserted from the ranks of the Pro-Nazi formation. Died Ivan Mikhailovich Tolstoy in 1982 in the United States.

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