ARCHIV - 04.11.2020, Niedersachsen, Elsdorf: Fynn Kliemann, deutscher Musiker und YouTuber, steht auf seinem Hof "Kliemannsland" im Ortsteil Rüspel. (zu dpa: «Influencer Fynn Kliemann kritisiert «woke linke Szene»») Foto: Hauke-Christian Dittrich/dpa +++ dpa-Bildfunk +++

After numerous scandals, entrepreneur and influencer Fynn Kliemann has apparently resigned as managing director of Kliemannsland GmbH. As reported by “Nord24”, the 34-year-old was deleted from the commercial register with effect from July 15, 2022.

For several weeks now, Kliemann has been criticized for various allegations. The team from “ZDF Magazin Royale” led by moderator Jan Böhmermann revealed in May that the entrepreneur had given false information when trading respiratory masks. An investigation was then initiated.

Kliemann initially apologized via social media, but then went on to criticize the media world. In an Instagram post, the entrepreneur criticized that the media would “exploit the whole summer slump” with his case. The post on ZDF “suggested wrong things”.

The Kliemannsland was founded in 2019 and the company likes to describe it as a creative and event location. In addition to video productions for the company’s own YouTube channel, workshops for young founders were also offered on the old farm site in Rüspel, Lower Saxony.

A month ago, members of the company’s YouTube channel said they had long distanced themselves from Kliemann. The idea of ​​the Kliemannsland came from him, but the implementation was the work “of a group that enjoys creating, stands for change and against imposed norms”.

According to reports from “Business Insider”, Sigurd Frank, Sven Junker and Tim Schäfer, who also played a key role in the development of the Kliemannsland, were also deleted from the commercial register. They will continue to manage the film production company Cineteam Hannover, which is associated with Kliemannsland GmbH.

Co-founder Bastian Ohrtmann will remain the only boss in Kliemannsland. According to his own statements on the company’s website, he was always the one who told the others “when to take out their garbage and when to stop throwing money out the window”.

In June, in addition to the dirty mask deals, it also became known that Fynn Kliemann had not observed his own conditions at an art auction and had made a profit of 68,000 euros.

In his own blog, the influencer presented the events from his point of view, apologized again and “cleaned up” the allegations. Since the end of May, however, Fynn Kliemann has not made any statements about the incidents.