(Montreal) Wildfires have caused destruction of buildings and evacuations in recent days in northern Alberta and Saskatchewan.

However, no injuries were reported by the authorities because of the flames.

The Alberta government reports that a wildfire has destroyed 20 homes, a Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) detachment and a store in Fox Lake, a community in northern Alberta. Three fires are burning in the area about 550 kilometers north of Edmonton and a reception center for evacuees has opened at Fox Lake Band Council facilities.

Evacuation orders have also been issued for some rural areas west and southwest of Edmonton.

The government said Thursday that 72 wildfires were raging in Alberta; they forced about 3,700 people from their homes.

Much of central Alberta is under a fire ban after a period of windy and unusually warm conditions, with little chance of rain in the weather forecast.

Meanwhile, communities in northwest Saskatchewan are under evacuation orders as wildfires burn nearby.

Authorities in the municipality of La Loche, located just near the border with Alberta, say the Saskatchewan Public Safety Agency has recommended that anyone living in the municipality leave immediately due to danger. potential for life and health.

La Loche declared a local state of emergency on Thursday due to multiple fires and dry and windy conditions.

A mandatory evacuation is also planned for residents of nearby Clearwater River Nation. Chief Teddy Clark asked people to go to Meadow Lake or Lloydminster.

Daryl Wright, the emergency response plan coordinator for Meadow Lake, says at least 150 people have been moved out of Clearwater River. He reports that the biggest obstacle to fighting the destructive element is that the nearby lake is still frozen, which limits the water supply and the ability to put out the fire.

Therefore, Daryl Wright explains that fire crews use helicopters and water tanks that they fill manually.