Weird how the car driver in the Us state of Georgia, it is as if by magic, only injuries being hit when he was in high speed, rammed a truck loaded with tree trunks. A portion of these tribes, hit itself, by the way, the SUV’s, but they missed the driver.

The driver was inattentive. He bent down to get something to grab on to, which he had dropped on the floor, could not see what was happening on the road, and it stops when it is hard on the back of the houttruck in.

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Who are bent posture is meant, on the one hand, nearly to his death, but his salvation. Had the man sitting up behind the steering wheel at the time, he had the accident, it will almost certainly not survive the experience, it can be inferred from the pictures of the fire department. The mind-blowing pictures you can see how the multiple trunks of the windshield to the rear window are shot out by the impact.

The on-the-spot thank you fire fighters had a contract through to 30 stems to get them yet, but we are starting to openknippen of the vehicle, and the salvation of man. He was sitting with his head between a gap in the tribes.“It seemed to be made of his head,” said brandweerchef, Edward O’brien of CNN.

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