History 24/01/20 “Factory of death” of the NKVD: what poisons were created in the Lubyanka “lab X”

Poisons have always been used for secret murders. Did it and the Soviet secret service. In the 1930s defectors from the USSR to the West was told that the NKVD there is a laboratory that uses poisons for operational purposes. Indeed, this was done by the 4th Department of the NKVD (the terror and sabotage and behind enemy lines). He managed the laboratory of G. M. Mayranovsky.

In the 1950s Mayranovsky, a PhD and toxicologist, he talked about what he was working on in the structures of the NKVD-NKGB-MGB from 1937 to 1951. The study of poisons for military purposes were carried out with the 1926 all-Union Institute of biochemistry. In 1937, associated scientists of the Institute went to the NKVD under direct supervision of the Commissar and his first Deputy. Department of toxicology in the secret lab of 20 employees and was in charge of Mayranovsky. It was located next to the Lubyanka. It was no coincidence that the neighborhood — since 1938 “Laboratory X” had invented her poisons on condemned to death in custody.

Muranovskogo set a goal: to poison, effective and invisible at the opening, as well as substances that help the “openness” during interrogations. The first part of the task performed, some poisons (curare, ricin) to detect it was not easy. As in the work on poisons was attended by the head of the NKVD L. P. Beria, when he was tried in 1953, the verdict pointed to “inhuman offence of production of experiments on the testing poisons on condemned to the highest measure of criminal punishment and experiences on the application of drugs during interrogations”. Beria pleaded guilty.

Mayranovsky prisoners poisoned by arsenic, thallium, cyanide, and sodium, colchicine, with aconitine, strychnine and other poisons that cause often terrible, painful death. Prisoners did lethal injection, was given poisoned food, even arrowsif they poisoned bullets. Talking about the effect on people of aconitine (poisoned them a dozen unfortunate), Mayranovsky admitted that he himself “it is creepy” from the memories of this terrible poison (no wonder he became a drunkard). The victims of his sadistic experiments was not less than 150 people.

In the laboratory was the biology Department. They were headed by a microbiologist and doctor of biological Sciences, laureate of the Stalin prize S. N. Muromtsev. He took part in some experiments on prisoners Mayranovskiy: watched and recorded the results of experiments. Muromtsev, and he injected the poisons, for example, the drug — botulinum toxin he brought the three prisoners, as a result, they died of paralysis. Muromtsev had developed ways to infect a person with TB (for example, by placing bacteria in the book of victims), or pneumonic plague. This method of killing was seen as one of the possible options for addressing Leon Trotsky in 1940 Muromtsev Just made at least 8 experiments on living people, all with fatal outcome.

Mayranovsky, like Beria, was convicted, sentenced to 10 years imprisonment “for illegal possession of poisonous substances” and abuse of power. He admitted: “my hand was destroyed more than a dozen sworn enemies of Soviet power, including nationalists of all kinds (Jewish) – this is known to Lieutenant-General P. A. Sudoplatov”. About how poisons were used during the RAID, later told the P. A. Sudoplatov. He personally took part in some operations in 1946-47

Along with Mayranovskiy in 1946 they went to Saratov, where poisoned Ukrainian nationalist A. Y. Shumsky (he died allegedly of heart failure). As can be seen, in some cases Mayranovsky he went to the surgery to make the victims of lethal injection. He admitted that he had killed dozens of people. In a similar way, in 1947, was killed with curare Archbishop of the Ukrainian Catholic Church Tedop Romzha (by the way, the plan of this operation was approved then he himself.With. Khrushchev, the Ukrainian Politburo member of the Central Committee of the CPSU (b)). Was poisoned on Stalin’s orders, the Polish citizen Samet, who was suspected of spying for the United States. The same was assassinated in 1947, the American scout Isaiah Atkins that the NKVD did not want to return the United States and decided to make his death a sudden and nonviolent.

Drug-poisoned white generals Kutepov and A. E. Miller, stolen in the 1930s in Paris by the NKVD (the circumstances of the death of one unknown, the second shot). The names of many of the victims Mayranovskiy still not disclosed (archival documents are classified and monitored by the FSB).

these units existed, and later in the structure of the KGB, using experience Lubyanka “lab X”. Details of these activities are still shrouded in secrecy and soon will be opened.

Konstantin Dmitriev

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