World of showbiz On marital breakdown ‘of ‘ Temptation Island’star, Pommeline, and Fabrizio has been a lot of ink was shed. Now that the final episode of “Temptation Island’s VIPS,” in the Netherlands, on the screen appears, look for the noted seducer is back in the game. Curiously, he also provides explicit apologies. “My mistakes are not easy to talk to.”

Fabrizio also shared a photo from the last bonfire at Instagrampagina and addressed in the following text, to Pommeline. “My dear Pommeline, I’m so sorry, sincerely. My mistakes are not easy to talk to, I know that. But what is a craw in my throat, at the meeting of the last camp fire”, you hear the sound of it. “I will take these memories and carry them with clients. I didn’t you, that much is apparent.”

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