Drone illegally broke into the sky on may 9 — to understand, whether it could lead to a crash

may 9, novosibirets with a camera filmed the air show over the city. Shots turned out spectacular, but many condemned the author of the video: the drone was in frightening proximity of military air equipment. There was a clash, planes and helicopters fell to the city, and indeed a similar risk threatens the entire industry of aerial images — such concerns voiced in the comments readers NGS. We decided to find out if this survey is whether the flight has been agreed and if not, than it can threaten the owner of the copter.

— a Cost yet, and, of course, the reckless act. Managing the drone would not have time to take in the event of a threat of collision. Getting his drone into the air intake — guaranteed a fire engine, and titanium, the MiG-31 with a Bang would have gone to the heads of the people, the height of the ridiculous — is just one of readers ‘ opinions on filmed with a drone video of the flight of military aircraft over the city. But such comments are the majority. You can read them here.