06.07.2022, Baden-Württemberg, Heidelberg: Einsatzkräfte begutachten eine Unfallstelle an der ein Linienbus gegen ein Wohnhaus gefahren ist. Mehrere Menschen wurden dabei verletzt. (zu dpa «Linienbus fährt in Wohnhaus - mehrere Verletzte») Foto: René Priebe/pr-video/dpa +++ dpa-Bildfunk +++

At least 18 people were injured in a serious accident involving a driverless bus in Heidelberg. A seriously injured person was flown to a clinic in a rescue helicopter, the police said on Wednesday afternoon. Eight of the injured were taken to nearby hospitals after receiving first aid at the scene of the accident.

The bus driver is said not to have been in his vehicle at the time of the accident. He wanted to investigate a defect in one of the rear doors of the bus in the Heidelberg district of Ziegelhausen when, for reasons that are still unknown, his vehicle started moving and drove into a residential building.