Of science, engineering and Planet, the Scientists put the drill bit into the earth. It’s the oldest ice in the world, it contains vital information on the ancient climate, and it can help you to make projections about the future.

It is the oldest ice on earth is ‘hot’. Australian scientists will follow the example of counterparts in Europe. They, too, prepares for drilling at the south Pole, the ice-cream… oh, yes, a 1.5-million-year-old.

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Klimatologen, and are confident that the ice, at a depth of less than two miles away, are crucial to include information about the age-old atmosphere of the earth. In addition, it would be ice to help them with the predictions of our climate in the future, and, in particular, on the impact of global warming on the earth.

and The Australian Antarctic Division (AAD), revealed yesterday that the drill rig which, for her, the search for the Zuidpoool to help. “We are hoping that we will be one of the last great problems of the klimaatstudies be able to fix it,’ said glacioloog Bag, he says.
the Bubbles

from the ice cream, there are tiny little air bubbles. That are caused by the formation of a ijsplaten as a result of the weather. Every time it snows, there will be an additional layer is to be formed. Layers are compressed into ice by the new layers that will fall upon it. In the snow there are also bubbles of air, gases, and particles, which are able to give an idea of the temperature of the atmosphere and the climate at a given point in time.

he says refers to the bubbles in the old one, miles and miles deep of ice, the tijdcapsules of our atmosphere. “They can give us a clarification on the content of CO2 is about one million years ago, at a time when the climate changed,’ according to the glacioloog.