the “food newspaper”. Edeka think the price increases in the double-digit percentage range is not justified: “We can not allow financial investors to refinance at the expense of our customers and the Edeka merchants your Deals”, said a Manager at the newspaper.

armed with Heinz: Edeka wants to own Ketchup-product

to introduce Again Edeka argue with a world group. This Time the dispute was, however, not from food merchant, but of the power of Heinz. According to the report, Edeka didn’t accept the force, Heinz announced a price increase. As a result, the global group have suspended supply.

Instead resolve the dispute, it tried to Edeka with a new strategy. According to the “food newspaper” wants to introduce the food retailer, a private, alternative product. Under the Label “Papa Joe’s” will it come soon in the shelves. FOCUS Online: you escalated the dispute up to two meters long snake Invasion on the popular holiday island of ketchup: US giant Heinz Edeka is no longer supplied now can prevent cancer: self-test shows whether you are suffering from Vitamin D deficiency

investment objectives of the investors driving prices

the reason for the drastic price increase in the yield of the two investors Warren Buffett and 3G objectives. In order to increase the yield of the group, they were prescribed shortly after the Acquisition in 2013, a drastic savings.

The current price increases for the German food trade, Kraft, Heinz justified by the new “value strategy”. This is according to “Lebensmittel Zeitung”, especially to strengthen the supermarket business.

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a Two-month Boycott of Snickers, Whiskas, Wrigley back on the shelf: Edeka dispute with food giant

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