Showbiz Esports are a booming business. And Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike, though. The two brothers have come with an international team to each other, and the pitch of an esports team and a platform from the ground. “That is simply remarkable”, what it sounds like.

They grew up with Atari and Nintendo, who had a suspicion that the esports world and the world of computer games, x number of years later, miljardenbusiness, with a value estimated at 140 billion us dollars, it would be? Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike doesn’t have to. But, you see, to such a point that today they are the music of the world-famous Mortal Kombat game, and He even has his own character in the game. And then there’s his own team for CS:GO, so it has all the major gamingtornooien, as the two brothers fall in esports. “A logical step”, says Dimitri, Vegas is all about. “I know I’m a huge gaming fan, and ever since we have been with the Mortal Kombat have to work together, we can really start to focus on the world. For those who are not in the home, it’s weird, but it’s the future.”

all The most well-known djs of our country will be the manager of a team of Counter-Strike to play a game in which terrorists are fighting against antiterreureenheden. Mikail Bill, Martin, Styk, Pavle Boskovic, Kevin, Amend, and Jesse, and Linjala are for the gamers, and Jonathan Lundberg, the team’s coach. In a series of international-sounding names. “As a team, from all corners of the world, under our flag leagues will play according to Vegas. “You could compare it with a soccer ball. We have put a team together and take over the management for us. We took them to Ibiza to get to know, and even boot camps to attend. The boys will play and train for 15 hours a day, and it’s such a great team.”
Steve Aoki

Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike to keep the job, not on a Counter-Strike team, you alone. They are cramming a full esports platform, the Smash eSports organiation, dreams and already-out-loud on several other teams and their own tournaments. “In the first instance, we chose to use it for Counter Strike because that game has a long history, which has a large user community. But who’s to say that we will be in the next few months, Fortnite team to be able to launch it? Or A Mortal Kombat Game. We’ve got big plans. Tentatively count us in the team, for example, are still welcome, but we’ll see for sure, and is fixed to the talent of our country. Our country is still not that far into it. In America, for example, by the gaming giant. Fellow dj and producer Steve Aoki has, for the past four years with his own team. Music and games are just very, very normal.”

are we brothers-later on, itself is behind the controller? “For a Mortal Kombat game, I’ve recently been to a few tournaments, played at some of the other celebrities, but for the other games that we have today and very little time. On the plane, it’s almost the only time when we have the time for it, would have it, there is no connection to the internet. So, unfortunately, we are playing today, only a few.”