Death Bryant: helicopter basketball player killed in the absence of a system of TAWS

law enforcement called the new causes gobeli helicopter, which flew the famous basketball player NBA of Kobe Bryant, his daughter Gianna and a few friends. On the flying ship, the ex-athlete was not installed warning system of a possible collision with the earth (TAWS).

the journalists said the representative of the National Council for transport safety of the USA (NTSB) Jennifer Hamandi, which also noted that Bryant’s helicopter was not equipped with “black boxes”, so the investigation of the causes of the crash will be about a year.

According to Hamandi, it services was able to install that immediately before the crash as the pilot tried to get out of the cloud layer, then the car banked to the left, then communication with the aircraft was lost, according to NBC News. At this point the aircraft was at an altitude of 700 meters. Time from beginning of fall to hit the ground amounted to about a minute.

Concurrently with this forensic examination of Los Angeles through fingerprint analysis has confirmed that onboard the helicopter at the time of the disaster was exactly Kobe Bryant, as well as flying with him Altobelli of John and Sarah Chester. Documented and confirmed the pilot’s death Ary Sabana.