But also something like that. While the masks have been falling here for weeks now and in Berlin local transport, for example, some (mostly) fellow citizens now consider it particularly cool to leave the lower part of the face uncovered, about 900 kilometers further south things are really happening again with the Virus – or not: Two weeks before the start of the Tour de France, the Corona summer wave is rolling with the Tour de Suisse, 29 drivers had to pass after a positive test, including the leader up to this point, Alexander Wlasow. Two teams dropped out, 40 drivers are no longer there.

So far, sport has faced the impending adversity like other parts of society: let’s see, maybe the storm will pass after all, is the motto in this country too.

If it doesn’t work anymore, the club will come. And even the friends who could now pull blank in the Berlin subway then find out that Corona is less cool.