Cons plus the weather in Moscow is expected a new maximum temperature

the MOE issued a warning about strong wind gusts could reach 20 meters per second. Muscovites advised to stay away from rickety structures and not to Park near trees. Meanwhile, February has temperature records, and in March, according to forecasts of weather forecasters, will be a match for him.

Abnormal heat is melting the snow, and the hearts of Muscovites. Spring seems to be starting at the end of February: today in the afternoon in Moscow — plus 4.

Precipitation is not worth waiting, but the strong wind is to be feared. Gusts can reach 20 meters per second, so try to avoid trees and precarious construction, and leave the car in safe places. Be careful on the roads — in the morning, possible sleet.

“the Returns of cold weather are predicted, and they will, a small cold snap is expected in late February. But in any case the temperature is above the normal climate, and if we talk about the prevailing atmospheric processes March, the average temperature of the month will be 3-4 degrees above the normal,” — said leading specialist of the Center weather PHOBOS Vadim Savtchenko.

the Approach of spring feel the animals and plants this winter already tried to bloom rhododendrons. Turn on the hazel and alder, so Allergy sufferers be wary, and when the first symptoms not to delay the medication.

it Seems that this winter has already broken all records, but not in February in Moscow is expected a new maximum temperature. The former was established more than 70 years ago.

Text: “to Conduct-Moscow”