Cocaine and prostitutes. Boxer fury about the rest after the fight with Wilder

British heavyweight boxer Tyson fury has posted in one of the social networks post on how he’s going to spend time after a rematch with the American DevTeam Wilder, which will be held on February 23. “Go on a Bender with cocaine and prostitutes,” according to his followers the athlete.

Former world champion will meet again with Wilder over a year after their first fight, which ended in December 2018 in Los Angeles in a draw. Now two of the strongest representative in the super heavyweight should fight in the ring in the gambling capital USA Las Vegas.

And here fury decided potrollit of Boxing fans and, at the same time, his opponent: “After the battle go on a binge with cocaine and prostitutes, — quotes the British Евроспорт.Ru. – What could be better than cocaine and prostitutes? But I choose cheap girls, no more than 30 dollars.”

the opinions of the readers of this blog boxer about his next outrageous antics were divided. The majority of fans genuinely laughing, assuming it was another joke fury, who loves in such an appeal to the opponent and to the audience balancing on the edge.

Others think that these words are the reality from which the boxer himself very difficult to leave. After the conquest of title of world champion in fight with the Ukrainian Vladimir Klitschko, the Brit two years on the loose, where, by his own admission, mixed alcohol and drugs. In addition, the fury in this period experienced serious depression in which not just thinking about suicide. Simple in his career cost the athletic League titles, of which he was deprived of all the Boxing organizations.