Nina is cooking cultured meat is sci-fi? Dozens of laboratories throughout the world are currently working on the meat that no animal sex, and according to science, the difference is a real piece of meat with no taste. Could it be?

the Two pieces of each of 15 grams, a few square centimeters in size and about 5 mm thick. A hardened meat-eater would have been disappointed with this side of the world. However, when voedselingenieur Didier Toubia, the refrigerator in the kitchen, on the outskirts of Tel Aviv, to open, to respond to his viewers as if he was in the cave of Ali Baba show. Just a few of the dozens of people around the world have been the prototype of the taste, and so, with these two, grey-brown fabric, a combined total of 100 euros is worth to work with. But that is not my signature on a document in which I state all of this on your own risk-to-eat food. As for the vegan, and recently, after the tasting to go to the toilet ran, and that Toubia’s team just laughed. Not to say cultured meat is real meat, even if it grows in a petri dish instead of an animal.

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a Hardened meat-eater or not, the industry requires a lot of on the planet, and will continue to do so. Not only do the Europeans and the Americans would love to have a piece of pork, beef, or chicken, even in countries such as India and China due to their rising prosperity, more and more of the meat. And, because we are that by 2050, 9 and 10 billion mouths to feed, predicts the Wereldvoedselagentschap that the demand for meat by more than 70% are expected to increase. The impact will be huge. Today it is about 14.5% of human greenhouse gas emissions come from the livestock sector, and the sector is the largest user of land and water. In Europe, the use of growth hormones or prohibited, still, to serve farmers as a regular preventive antibiotics to their animals, which are not always in friendly circumstances, and, ultimately, to die for our food. The meat of the menu, delete it or replace it with vegetable-based alternatives are the solution. But in spite of all the attempts to, as much as possible on the meat to make it seem, they are but a few of the procentjes of the meat market.