showbiz That the comic Jens Dendoncker (29) with epilepsy, know that the majority of people. Once every two or three weeks he gets an attack, but there are a lot of practical cases, where the West-Flemish people should be aware of. That is, he tells us, in The Future.

“When I came to, along with Lauren Versnick, eds.), I realized just how much I adjust without even thinking about it,” says a member of the jury of the ” Belgium’s Got Talent’. “I don’t have to drive yourself, but it is in the car, and I will always be at the back sitting down, so I’m in an attack, not on the driver’s or the vehicle falling. I always try to find a wall to sit down, so I don’t kick you can throw. I will never ever take an elevator, as attached, is smaller than that of the stair fall. I don’t go out alone in the woods, or go to the night shop, when there were few people on the street. There is always a chance that you will not have an attack, get hit, and I’d get injured and / or are crooked, lie, and can’t breathe.”

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Dendoncker not afraid to admit there scared of it.“It, of course. It’s going to be about silly stuff, eh: actually, the only thing I can cook if there is someone else in the near future. Let’s imagine that I have an attack, get in while there are pots and pans on the fire.” He will also need to think about having children.“I was recently assured that my form of epilepsy is not hereditary. But can I have a little well to hold onto. Or, may be, I will never be alone with them? Not that the children are at stake, but it will keep me busy.”

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