Calling a taxi every time risk: offer passengers to rely on intuition

Threats, intimidation and even beatings in Moscow are few cases of conflicts of taxi drivers with passengers who for the last ended with injuries. Why do taxi drivers behave so shamelessly? Allowing them to go unpunished? And who is ultimately responsible for the safety of passengers?

the smoky Car arrived, the driver Smoking, the road does not know. Midnight romp. And, accordingly, the change I also do not give. Said that there is no money available.

the Situation is familiar, perhaps, many who often use taxi services. For Victor it has become truly extraordinary. Dissatisfied with the trip, the man wrote a complaint to support well-known aggregator of taxis. What instantly got a response from the driver.

– I got a call on my personal cell phone. The man didn’t introduced himself. Immediately he began to speak in a rude manner: “I know where you live, who you live with, go now and look back. I will cut you”.

fortunately, the next threat is not gone. But Igor Grigoriev, one of these taxi rides ended up in hospital.

– Already at the entrance to the place of call the taxi driver began to make claims that we are in the wrong place. When we got to the salon, he continued to speak. We suggested to contact customer support to resolve the issue. To which he replied: get out of the cabin.

the Angry driver did not stop and decided how to punish the passenger.

I came out of the cabin to get my things from the trunk and got a few times the trunk lid on the back.

And many of these cases. For example, in December last year in Moscow the taxi driver beat up a passenger because he slammed the door. A fragile woman disfigured for the comments about driving style. If you’re lucky, the culprit will find the police, he will be responsible for beatings, but then again you sit behind the wheel of a taxi and will carry passengers. And the client never knows what he risks when is a car.

“business is goodatna firm, which calls itself a cab company. Actually it is not — it is a rental car with the checkered. To get a car, do not need any special control. These people are just individuals, they are not employees of the cab company, they are not employees of a taxi. This is a common fish that took a car,” says human rights activist in the field of passenger taxi Elena Grashchenkova.

By law, the company is an aggregator has no obligation to check the biography of the drivers and even require a certificate of no criminal record. Therefore, the wheel can take absolutely anyone who has the rights. The passenger remains only one thing: trust your intuition.

Text: “to Conduct-Moscow”