Thanks Heart: the shetland pony Onion, and black pony and It took a fast elevator to get to the people with a visit to the room to bring in a senior home of The Hops in Belgium. The animal turned with a smile to the faces of the senior citizens.

Unlike sheltered housing, The Hops will stay heavily dependent elderly people. “Often, they respond to not a lot more, or they are not around any more. The visit of The and Onion, brought there as a little change,” says the Artist to Know of the organization, The aromatic cane, which is, however, more frequently, by the end of the ride’s residential care centres to visit. “People who have never been steps, to make it all of a sudden a nice stroll on one of our horses. If they start to tell it at their own expense. It’s great to see,” she said. “The and Onion, have bezoekerslift be allowed to take up to the third floor. On each floor, and they visit the residents in their rooms or in the comfortable living area.”

The poetsteam of the senior home was in the meantime ready for it, if the ponies have anything to drop. “If that were to happen, it is not such a bad thing. Some people forget that, ever. When we come back, and say, who, then, is that the horse on our way to drop it?”

visit the horses came as a result of The Beweegweek in honor of 5 years in homes for The Hops.