A burning pram, next to it a man in a suit sitting in a deckchair under a parasol. This is what the latest protest action by climate activists from “Last Generation” looks like in front of the Federal Chancellery in Berlin-Mitte.

The group wants to draw attention to the dangers of climate change and complains that not enough is being done politically to counteract it.

Coal phase-out, climate change, sector coupling: The briefing for the energy and climate sector. For decision makers

The initiative shared a picture of the action on Twitter on Saturday afternoon. She wrote: “ALL CHILDREN IN THE WORLD IN DANGER AND THE BUNDESTAG GOES ON SUMMER BREAK! If you continue to ignore the climate emergency, you are guilty of setting fire to their only home.”

On the website of “Last Generation”, Olaf Scholz’s activists are calling for a cancellation of new oil drilling in the North Sea before the beginning of the parliamentary summer recess.